Sunday, November 04, 2007

Dalight savings time

11/4/07 Sunday
Daylight savings time is here. Now the puppies want to get us up at 5:00 instead of 6:00. Didn’t bother me as I was up anyway and had been quietly using this laptop in bed while Cherie slept. Now that the check is here I am excited about being able to start something with the five acres we pulled out of CRP.

I can rent a tractor with a tiller for $230.00 a day. First thing would be to pull the mesquite out of the ground, then till it. But I must be prepared to do something right after it’s tilled. I’ve been thinking about planting a Rye/Hairy Vetch mix as a cover crop. This is to compete with the weeds, particularly the grass burr, and then would be tilled under in the spring to prepare the soil for vegetable crops. But as I read up on stuff I find all kinds of different things to do and…well it’s a bit confusing so will take a while for me to sort through. Lots of factors to consider. One of the first things to do is finally get the soil tested now that we have some spare cash. I got the sample packs from the extension agent early in the year so we’ll get them loaded and sent of to Texas A&M (the university that does the tests). That will help me make a better decision. It’s also time to get the water tested as well. The CRP money isn’t going to last long but I’m going to focus much of it on our long term goals of getting this farm going. That is where our financial future lies. Little by little we can build this future. Just a few little steps at a time as resources are available.

Cherie is fixing French toast and then we are fixin (in Texas they say it this way. I just added “fixin” to the computer dictionary so it won’t keep telling me I spelled the word wrong) to go to church. After that I don’t think there is anything scheduled but there is always plenty to do here.
Had a real bad spell at church. Conversations were hard to follow and much of the Sunday school lesson was lost on me, just lots of words that didn’t register. Wally asked me about how the lawnmower he gave us worked. I searched for a memory to answer him but couldn’t recollect anything so had to say “I don’t know”. I still don’t. Cherie thinks I’ve used it. Perhaps I wrote it in this journal. Another lady told us how she has been reading lots of the blog and how it touched her. I wish I had been doing better and hope I was able to put up some semblance of conversation. But if she’s been reading this journal she understands. I was in bad enough shape to have Cherie drive home. Am doing better now but these things drain me so am laying down and will probably take a nap. There are hundreds of wasps outside, buzzing everywhere looking for a winter home I suppose. Kind of disconcerting.

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