Friday, November 30, 2007

Pretty slow at the moment

This mornings sunrise

11/29/07 Thursday
On the news this morning was a story about a lady with Asperger’s syndrome who had finished in fifth place in some kind of beauty contest. Can’t remember what exactly the contest was but it was a big deal. I like to see stories that raise awareness of both Asperger’s and TBI as they are both issues I live with and have most of my life. The part I like is the fact she has risen beyond this and done quite well in spite of it. Having this mild form of autism doesn’t mean you are stupid or unable to accomplish anything, it just means you have to try harder.

11/30/07 Friday
It’s 3:11 now. I am going through a major slowdown. Operating at a three on the bob scale. Ears are ringing bad and I am typing this in slow motion. Want to make a note that Don came and visited yesterday. The doctor said he needed to get on his feet a little now. That’s a good sign indicating that the healing of the fractures is progressing finally. He was glad to hear that so called to see if I was up to a visit. I’m always up for a visit unless enduring one of the go to bed and hide headaches. I’d even accept a visit now but wouldn’t be much company.

I raked more of the rye seed in yesterday and today. Ran the sprinklers. Because of being slow can’t remember if I ran them yesterday but they are running right now. There is lots of it coming up now. It is good to see.

Oh, just thought to note that I took Don over to Chuck and Lillian’s. Was going to in the beginning paragraph but forgot. Lillian was home so we talked. Don’t know what about. But both Don and I can’t stand up to long so were glad to get in the truck.

I went with Cherie and finished the last cotton field. It was particularly hard on my back. Had to take a pain pill when we got home. I took the camera. Saw lots of tumbleweeds. Ever since reading about the lady who makes over $40,000 a year selling tumbleweeds I notice them more. There must be a thousand dollars of them in this cotton field. When I get the website up I will put in a section to sell tumbleweeds. Amy may help me set it up. She offered but I haven’t gotten back with her on it.

I’ve been wanting to get a picture of one of the wind electric generators for some time now. There is a whole bunch that are going to be set up. You can see them laid out for miles in this area. I had Cherie stand next to one to give you an idea just how big they are.

Took lots of sunrise and sunset pictures. I have to lay back down so will just put these on.

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