Saturday, November 03, 2007

Check came

11/3/07 Saturday
The check came. Now we must carefully consider what we will do with it. We will finally be able to pay off our bill with the attorney we were forced to get when they tried to railroad me into selling the property. He helped us a lot so I am happy to be able to pay him.

We went to open a bank account for Westbrook Farms but ran into a snag. It the bank said that we couldn’t both be listed under a DBA, only one of us despite the fact that the official State of Texas form we signed and filed at the courthouse has spaces for several individual, partnerships, and businesses. I’ll have to figure this out.

I haven’t been feeling to hot since I ate some apple sauce this afternoon. I think it might have been bad. We bought some trash cans with lids on them to keep the puppies out of the trash at Walfart. Looked at their dog crates because we want to get a second one for the puppies as they are two big for both to fit in the one we have. Forty bucks seems a little steep so we will look around to see what we can find.

That’s it for now. I’ll write more when I feel better.


Sandy Kessler said...

Are you keeping a proposed and running budget? I always need to do that because of incidentals and emergencies.. ks

Amy E said...

Good suggestions Sandy, I was going to suggest the same thing. I recently received life insurance from my dad, and I sat and made a list of the things that I wanted/needed done, their project cost, etc., and the priority or importance of each item. Was a good idea, because money can go fast, and even a large amount seems like it will last for ever, but mine is half gone already. I spent most on important items getting the homestead ready, but I did make a couple of frivolous purchases for my girls, since my dad mentioned certain things before he passed.

Make a list Bob, and pray over it before spending any big chunks....just a little suggestion. Doesn't all have to be spent, I'm trying to save and invest some of mine.

Hope everyone had a good weekend, and hope you feel better Bob!