Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New screen

This mornings sunrise

11/14/07 Wednesday
Hurray!!! I am writing this from My laptop. The new screen arrived yesterday in the mail and I installed it this morning. I was nervous when I turned this computer on, afraid I did something wrong putting it in or that something else would be not working. I had five little screws left over, never a good sign. Getting the old screen out I found where I had taken them out unnecessarily. That was a relief. So far it is working just fine. What a pleasure it is to work being able to see the whole screen. Now all my software is accessible and that will make things easier. Plus all the links and writing I have done regarding the farm are now available.

I just talked to Wayne in Toledo. For those of you who don’t know, Wayne is the veteran with MS I have been helping ever since I met him at a homeless shelter. He is also diabetic. That makes the cold he has right now particularly dangerous so pray for him if you can.

There is much to do today so I need to get moving. Cherie is checking cotton fields this morning and will probably do laundry later. I need to get as much seed down as I can. It’s going to get real windy today and has already started to. Maybe that will help spread the seed better. Hopefully we will get rain Friday. I also need to finish rebuilding the tiller now that the rings and gaskets have come in. I intend to finish writing the vision I have for this place from a business standpoint as it will help others understand our goals and perhaps want to help us achieve them. Gotta get moving so see ya later.

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Janie said...

Yeaaaah! Good for you, dude! I know that has been a tremendous hassle.