Friday, November 16, 2007

a struggle

11/16/07 Friday
Yesterday was a wonderful day. We drove 330 miles total and got a lot done. Unfortunately everything is a struggle today, or at least so far. Yesterday I was sharp but today I am down to a three on the bob scale. Everything is a struggle. Deciding where to place a sprinkler and what setting to use is very hard for me to do. I am typing in slow motion. This sucks. There is much I want to write but it will have to wait till I am doing better. Got one of those killer headache on top of it all. This is all I’ll write for now. Probably need to lay down. It’s the middle of the day damn it. There is so much I need and want to do. Need to wrap the air conditioner in plastic cause cold air just blows in. The covers they make for them cost forty of fifty bucks and we have used up the CRP money so don’t have any to spare. I’ve got some plastic laying around here I can tape up around it. Cherie just called and said Steve and Janie have some things they would like me to do around the house. I’ll have to do it tomorrow cause I can’t even take care of here now. Cherie told me to rest. And bring the puppies in.
The puppies stole and ate a chocolate bar I had on the dresser while I was writing here. Chocolate is toxic to dogs so will go online and search to see.

It will be close but they should be all right. Don’t know if only one dog ate it or both. We will have to keep an eye on them. As I often do I exploded when I saw the wrapper. They ran to their room.

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