Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Good sunrise greeting.

11/28/07 Wednesday
Woke up to the sounds of the puppies wrestling around. The little buggers had stolen a whole roll of toilet paper from the bathroom. All that was left were shreds spread all over the place. They heard about it and in the process of my expressing my displeasure Cherie woke up. “What’s going on?” she groggily said. Probably not the best way to wake up. But we are up.

Today we go to the cotton fields. There are only two left that haven’t been harvested, at least not when Cherie last checked. They may be done by now as all the farmers are pushing hard to get their cotton done. We will know when we get there. This will probably be the last cotton survey except for the two fields Cherie has to glean after they are harvested. Hope it’s not too muddy.

We were greeted with a great sunset this morning so I thought I would share it with you all.
We got some of the cotton survey done. Worked till noon. Went into Stanton to have one of the best hamburgers along with the best malt to be found in these parts. That is at the downtown drug store. Then we came home. The ground was wet so I did most of the counting and picking from a standing position instead of sitting on the ground and scooting my butt down the row. That killed me. Had to take a pain pill and lay down. I did snip off the rest of the basil to harvest the seeds for next year. Plan on surrounding the place in basil as it helps keep some of the bugs away I’m told. Cherie had gone into Midland. Janie and Steve want her to do lots of cleaning, several days worth from the sound of it. We still need to do some more cotton work so she wants to get a head start on Janie’s.

Didn’t write much today. I raked some more of the rye seed this evening till the sun went down and it got to dark to see. The puppies were helping me of course. They do a great job of supervising.

Cherie just called. She said she had a flat tire so pulled into a gas station and put air into it. That has me worried as she is driving home. I hope the tire doesn’t go flat or blow.


Amy E said...

Bob, thanks for posting on my blog....I will keep an eye out for anything different. He was kind of "squirrely" to start with, so we are hoping the accident will make an improvement on his behavior, and make him stop taking so many risks.

I think the fundraiser is a great idea! You can always split the money between your needs and your friends (Chuck and Lillian).

Plus your not giving it for yourself, the golf guy is....

i beati said...

your sunrises sunsets and dogsa re so great - what camera??