Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sunrise to sunset

I may have lots of problems but being lazy isn’t one of them. From sunrise to after sunset I have been able to keep working. I love to work and am grateful for the times I am able. Those times seem to come more often and last longer than before and I am grateful for them. I think I may have about an acre planted with the rye now. Been keeping the sprinklers going and have the timer set to remind me to turn them off at ten tonight. You can’t count on it to rain out here and it’s important for the rye to get established before a hard freeze. The puppies stayed around me the entire day, helping me I suppose in their mind. Too bad they aren’t huskies so I could have them pull the seed broadcaster.

I finished making the chili this evening. Somehow it turned out really good. It wasn’t too good at first but I played with it, adding some cilantro and bacon along with adjusting some of the spices. It’s a huge pot but I will be proud to hand it out to those we know. I think it will bless them.

We went to the hospital today. Cherie has a bill there that is about nine hundred dollars and they were just about to send it to a collection agency. I told Cherie that you can often negotiate these things so went along to do so. The lady asked about our income and upon hearing my disability check is only $900 said that we qualify for a charitable program they have as we are at indigent level. She told us to go apply for Medicaid knowing we would be denied, then bring the denial letter in, thus qualifying for the program. So we went to the place where you apply for Medicaid. It’s a bit strange to expect and perhaps even want to be denied for something but that’s what happened. This way her medical bills will be covered.

It’s going to be cold tonight, just a little above freezing so I have the woodstove fired up. We’ll be warm and cozy for sure.

Tomorrow we head out to Lubbock. First we plan on visiting the Llano winery. I read on their website about how they are having other farmers grow grapes for them so wanted to check out that possibility. Then we will go to the pick your own apple orchard up there. That’s the important one as it will be one of the models we will pattern our orchard after. Skyler knows the family and said they would be happy to give us some advice. Advice I always like and seek.

I am real worn out now and the pain pills are wearing off so the price of hard work is making itself known. No biggy, I’ll sleep well and tomorrow is another day. Good night all. I love these pictures. Great sunrise and a better sunset.


Amy E said...

Bob, as a cash flow source for you I think you should put together a calendar of sunrises and sunsets in West Texas. There is probably a way to take your photos to Office Depot or find a place online that will profesionally to do this for you, and then you sell them. I think you could make money if you post them here on your blog. I thinkg people would by them. I know I are a good nature photographer.

Just a thought....

Jimmy said...

Bob ... really great images, Bonb. Keep it up. Jimmy P

Jimmy said...

B-o-b. It's hard to spell with a head cold :)