Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Another day

12/25/07 Tuesday
Steve and Janie invited us over for breakfast this morning. It was a sumptuous spread with enough food for a small army. Also invited was Bud and Steve’s son Tyrell. Bud cooked pancakes. We had a real good time and there were gifts to open after. Lots of laughter. I let Cherie know that I was getting dizzy and my ears were ringing so a slowdown may be coming. Fifteen minutes later it did. It was a bad one. Cherie had to drive home. Pissed me off that it happened during this time of fellowship. I had a bad headache too and these seizures always drain me so I went straight to bed. Conked out for three hours when I forced myself to get up and do something. I took the drive shaft back off the truck and removed the U-joint again. Then I pieced together some of the water hoses I got from the landfill, splicing them and putting replacement ends on them. With that I could stretch the hose to the far corner of where I planted rye so set up the sprinkler there.

I stayed slow most of the day. Real rough day. My mental lucidity cleared up but I am having another episode now. This one is affecting the physical end of things so walking is difficult but the headache is the same. The TV is off and so are the lights. Even this laptop screen is bright and hurts to look at. I think I’ll call it a night.

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Amy E said...

Merry Christmas Bob and Cherie!