Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cold morning


12/27/07 Thursday
It’s a cold morning, about 25 degrees according to the weatherman. I went out to move the water hose to where I’ll use it when it thaws out. Hope it didn’t crack open. Then I turned over the cabinet I pulled from the henhouse thinking the rat had returned there because of signs it had dug under. No such luck. I started unloading the stuff I’d picked up at the landfill a couple of weeks ago so I can use it to take the accumulating garbage to the landfill now that the truck is running. But it’s too cold on my big ears so I came in to put the knit cap on to protect those delicate things. I figured this would be a good time to get something posted cause odds are once I get moving I’ll forget. So I’m gonna get moving. I definitely have to cut some more firewood as the last few cold nights have depleted our supply. There’s plenty dead wood left in the trees to satisfy that need.
After. This is what we've used so far this winter. We stay nice and warm and don't have a heat bill to pay. Just costs a little sweat and pain. I'd rather have it that way.

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