Monday, December 10, 2007

A rainy day. I like it.

12/10/07 Monday
Woke up with the type of soreness in the muscles that you get when you work out in the gym. Strangely enough I like that as it tell me I got some good exercise and reminds me of the days I worked out and practiced martial arts. But if you look at how much I did outside it doesn’t look like much. I know I worked hard and was sweating and huffing and puffing but it doesn’t take much to do that nowadays. I don’t think I will ever get back into the shape I was in before the coma. I’ve regained most of the seventy pounds I lost then but a lot of it was fat. The year on this farm has been wonderful in helping me lose that and build up some muscle mass. If we join the church we can access the gym they have and that would be good if we got off our ass and went. I’m still wrestling with the doctrine of eternal security. The acceptance of that is a requirement for joining the church. I went online to study on it the other day but it is still not settled in my mind. I should sit down and talk with someone about it, but I won’t pretend to accept it just to join.

The high is to make it up to thirty seven degrees today and it will be rainy. I’ll be going out to finish sowing seed after cleaning the puppy room. I’m sure that some of you would think I’m nuts for going out in this weather but it really doesn’t bother me. In fact I kind of like it and it’s great for working hard as it helps me keep cool. I have a harder time with the heat. You can always put more clothes on to stay warm but you can only take off just so much to keep cool and it doesn’t help anyway. I just want to take advantage of this moisture in the soil. That’s farming. Your time is often dictated by the weather and you can’t afford to sit back and be comfortable.
Hey Barbara, Sure I would love the heirloom seeds you offered in the comments last post but just remembered I didn't give you an address. You can send them to bob westbrook, PO box 1176, Stanton Texas, 79782
2:19 – I’m slowing down a bit but also have one of those headaches that is at the level of putting me to bed with the drapes closed and anything that makes noise, like a TV, off except the fans that bring the heat from the fire into the room. I turned them down a little. In fact I’m going to turn one off and the other down another notch right now. Cold doesn’t bother me but the sound of a fan sure does right now. I may be a tough little bugger but this sure puts me down. Haven’t had one in a while and they don’t come as often as they used to.

I got some raking done but am only halfway there. I may not be able to finish it today, probably won’t. There was still the light mist that covers the glasses every fifteen or twenty minutes out so that was no problem. In fact the slight amount of wet in the soil seems to make it cover the seeds better.

I took the garbage to the landfill as I often do on Monday. Here’s a picture of what I came back with. I took five bags of garbage and came back with more than I left with. There were a couple hundred of the stakes they used for boll weevil traps around the cotton fields. I grabbed maybe a hundred of them. They will be great to make trellises for tomatoes and other plants next season. Of course I grabbed any garden hose I saw to continue linking them together for watering crops. A little here and a little there all adds up. Then there were a couple of the hospital bed meal trays that had been thrown away. I grabbed one as these are real handy in a shop. You can raise and lower them to whatever height is good and they have little drawers where you can keep tools and stuff. I used to have one in my old woodshop in Toledo.

Cherie is running into Midland to mail some packages to family in Toledo. I’m going to try and sleep. Hopefully this headache will go away so I can get back to work.


Amy E said...

Hi Bob! I don't think you are crazy for going in this weather...It's misty and 40 here this morning. I just love walking outside in this weather. Went out to feed the chickens, and bring in some firewood. Checked on my tomatoes, I have lots of little ones....getting ready to put a crockpot of soup on for dinner...I love days like these!

Anonymous said...

Hello Bob, I have saved your address and will send you some seed as soon as we get moved this week. Give me a couple of weeks to get unpacked and I will send a variety of seed for you.

Bob said...

Take all the time you need. I know about moving and it seldom goes as smooth as you plan. Good luck on that. Love the homestead y'all are making. (Here's where to go check out their place)