Sunday, December 30, 2007

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12/30/07 Sunday
It’s a rough morning, at least for the moment. I can never tell how long a slowdown will last. I am down to a four on the bob scale with occasional dips into a level three when I have to figure out something like what I am or was going to do. Basically I’m wandering around again. It’s always frustrating to be lost in your own house, not remembering what you were doing. The headache doesn’t help either.

Today Cherie and I will go to see a clothing exhibit at a museum that she’s wanted to see for months. Today is the last day. It is unfortunate that her memory doesn’t seem to be much better than mine. That kind of scares me. Here she is my caretaker and I have to remind her to do things. Mostly she needs to keep up with the planner and write down everything that both of us need or want to do. Otherwise it doesn’t happen.

I picked up some furniture someone threw out at the landfill that I thought we could use on the veranda. (Just a note, I am clearing up as I write this. I can tell because my ability to type has greatly speeded up) When Cherie saw it she exclaimed “That’s Lands End. That’s good stuff”. It’s a little rough and needs some repairs but will be great out here. I will probably put a coat of poly on to protect it. Cherie can get some material that is waterproof or something. Odds are I won’t get to putting polyurethane on it because my list of unfinished projects is large and I don’t seem to get much done. There’s a chair also but it needs the most repair.

I will meet Cherie at Steve and Janie’s. We have been taking their dogs out for a walk everyday while they are on a mini vacation where I hope they are relaxing. I suppose it would be more accurate to say the dogs take us out for a walk but I don’t think the word “walk” is the right one. Even though Zoie is only a few months old she is strong and Cherie has a hard time holding her back. Zoie strains so hard against the leash you can hear her gasping for breath from the collar around her throat. Because this is so hard and painful on Cherie’s back I will probably take the dogs out one at a time. Zack is harder to handle than Zoie. They are both purebred bird dogs and that means they just want to run, real high strung and full of energy. I wish I could take them out here to the farm where they could run like they want and need to. But I don’t dare to with the highway so close. Our puppies would probably love it as they love to run too.

It’s time for me to put on my fancy go out in public clothes for this museum thing. That would be a pair of black jeans and button down shirt. Still not totally cleared up but am up to a six on the bob scale so fine for being out doing stuff.

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