Monday, December 03, 2007

Diggin a hole

12/3/07 Monday
There was more I was going to write yesterday but I’m pretty slow right now so it just isn’t there. There is lots of the rye sprouting up. I spent a lot of time raking this morning. Yesterday I called Wayne. He was tired and just getting ready to go to sleep so it wasn’t a good time. He got my letter about a loan and asked about some of the pictures I included. I asked when he would like me to call back and he said in a couple of days. It’s noon here and with this slow down I must lay down. Hope it doesn’t last long or drain to much energy.
Cherie went into Midland to do laundry. Despite being slow and feeling like crap I went back out to get something done. I know I told Cherie that I would take a nap but it’s hard for me to sit still when there is so much that needs to be done. So I went out and reset the sprinklers. Then I grabbed the shovel and went out to find the water line from the well. I’ve been thinking about this for some time now. Don’t have a clue where the water line is buried but am making an educated guess based on where the well is situated in reference to the power lines.

So I dug. And I dug. This hole is waist high now. I dug till I hurt to much to dig anymore. Never found a thing. Now I am back inside and will take a nap for sure. Have a headache along with the other pain so took a pain pill and some aspirin.

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Bleu said...

You might try "divining" ... basically you take two wire coat hangers, cut them and form two "L" shapes. You loosely hold the wires in each hand parallel to the ground with the wires pointed forward. As you walk the wires will cross showing you where a water source is like a waterline or possible well site. For a waterline
you'll find the wires will cross in a line. I found lots of wells this way and tried it for waterlines and it works.