Thursday, December 06, 2007

Moving well

12/5/07 Wednesday
We got up and moving well this morning. I took the puppies for their walk and looked at how the rye is doing. It’s doing great but there are big blanks where the spreader did a poor job. I might have to reseed those areas. There is a good chance of rain in a few days so I think I’ll pick up a hundred more pounds of seed. That still won’t cover all I have left but will get a big chunk of it.

We went into Stanton to take care of some stuff. First stop was the hospital to start the paperwork to help Cherie with her hospital bill. Then we stopped at the FSA office to clear up a puzzle regarding the end date of our CRP program. We got a paper from the NCRS, a branch of FSA where my cousin Darryl works, that had the date as 2014 instead of 2011. The FSA guy said it was probably just a mistake. Unfortunately no one was in at the NCRS office so we couldn’t get it cleared up. Will get it done eventually.

After that we stopped at the water analysis place. The lady there couldn’t give me lots of detailed information as another person does the actual lab tests. She was able to tell us that the water wasn’t bad at all except perhaps the sulfite levels. I’ll go online and learn about that.

With all that done we headed to Midland. There we first went to the Co-op to pick up some more rye seed. They were out of it but I had noticed some broken bags on a skid and asked about that. Two of them were the last bags of rye they had and I got them both for $18. One was only half full but it was still a great price.

Then we stopped by Sam’s to pick up what we decided would be a good Christmas gift for Cherie’s two sisters. They read this blog so I can’t say what that is. We also found a deal on an Irish cream, one of the luxuries I treat myself to around Christmas time. Usually it is Bailey’s but that costs seventeen bucks and change if your lucky to get it on sale. They had a gift pack with two nice etched glasses next to just the bottles and only one price displayed. $11.88. I figured that was just for the bottle and that the gift pack was more but just in case I put both in the cart. When she checked the price at the checkout they were both the same price. That’s a no brainer. “You can keep the bottle. I’ll take the gift pack” I told her. She was surprised too. She asked about it and I told her it’s the best coffee creamer in the world, at least I think so. That and a little poured on top of some vanilla ice cream is killer.

We dropped by Janie’s to pick up some dog food they didn’t need anymore as their dog guy suggested something else for their high strung bird dog and puppy. Cool, saved us another thirty five dollars or more in dog food. And we buy the cheap stuff but this is higher quality. Little things can be big blessings.

There is another oil rig going up. They are punching as many holes as fast as they can into the earth around here. There is so much oil being pumped out I wonder if the earth will sink down. We were both surprised at how close this one is to the one that they just finished drilling. You can just see the edge of it on the right hand side of the picture. The pump jack (I think that’s what they are called) they are still installing is just out of the picture.

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