Saturday, December 08, 2007

The things that excite me

12/8/07 Saturday
OK, I never got back to the journal yesterday. Nothing unusual there. This morning I got right on the rye seed, raking and spreading some more of it. I put more seed down on an area that I must not have done a good job on. It’s an eight foot wide strip so I suspect the broadcast spreader (Thanks Don for telling me what it’s called) messed up. I worried that raking the new seed in would trash the rye that had managed to come up but it didn’t seem to. Little by little this is all coming along. I want to plant the wildflower mix soon but am not sure when that should be done. Now or in the spring? Also we got a pound of a wildlife habitat blend that looks exciting. (Oh, the things that excite me now. I’ve sure changed since the accident) It contains ten different types of plants that range from native grasses to some that grow four to six feet tall. I’ll plant that in a large curve over the backside of the five acres. In my imagination they will distract wildlife from getting into the crops. I know it’s stuff designed to attract wildlife but I figure there is going to be five acres or so of yummy delicacies anyway so maybe they will eat more of the other stuff. I don’t know, I like wildlife anyway though I would like to keep the coyotes out of the melons.

I baked a pineapple upside down cake for the Sunday school class tomorrow. We volunteered to bring the snacks. I like that. It feels good to be a part of something, to be one of the gang so to speak. It feels real good. Tonight is the Christmas party for the Sunday school class. They will have something called a “White Elephant” gift exchange. Never heard of that before. Actually I could have and it’s part of the memory loss but probably not because I never was active in the type of social circles where that would have come up.

I’m tired and need to rest up for the Christmas party.

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