Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Time flies

12/4/07 Tuesday
My how time seems to fly by. It’s hard to believe that we are approaching another year along with another Christmas. Christmas isn’t our favorite time of year by any means. I have few good memories of Christmas and the good ones bring sadness. That is because many of them were with the two boys I raised as my own from the second marriage. Now there is little to no contact with them partly due to the nasty divorce and for that matter the sometimes not too pleasant seventeen years of marriage. Christmas is for children and family. We have our two puppies for children and only my sister communicates with me on my family’s side. At least Cherie has her family.

It was a pain pill morning, I suppose because of the digging I did yesterday. When I took the dogs for their morning romp I looked over the area I spread the rye seed in. It is so gratifying to see the fruits of ones labor. I am thrilled to see the rye sprouting all over. The sprouts come up a purplish color so are not very visible. I can’t wait for them to turn green. It’s all exciting for me. Such a simple thing, I know, but exciting none the less. Last years garden was just to learn how so this is my first real serious venture at farming. It may only be five acres but I’ll call it farming anyway.

I tried to call Wayne in Toledo but got no answer. Then I tried to call Sharon but her number has changed so had no luck there. She said she was being threatened again, probably from the guy who was put in prison for attacking her. He’s one of the lowlife crack dealing lifetime criminals that there are so many of in Toledo. Sharon has been to everyone of his parole hearings to keep him from being released. Despite changing her address and phone numbers the court system keeps revealing this information, claiming he has a legal right to know. How messed up is that.

Today I will take the paperwork on the oil lease to Patrick Duffy. I may not have to because we got our first check from the oil company for the well. $29.00 isn’t much but perhaps this is the last detail that needs to be settled in order to close the estate and get the remaining money released. I don’t know how much that will be but every little bit helps. There was $15,000 left in the account when I talked to McGilvray last, but I don’t know if his fee or what else will be taken out of it plus it will be split between my brother and I. Perhaps it will be enough to help buy the tractor.

I may or may not continue my search for the water line. That depends on my pain level. I am running a seven on the bob scale, which is my average level of cognizance.
I hear something gnawing in the wall as I write. Nuts. That means another rat has invaded. As much as I hate poison I may have to resort to it. There is another one that is digging under the counter in the old henhouse. I put out a rat trap with no luck so far. Will put fresh peanut butter on it to see if that helps. Whatever is digging flung dirt on the trap last night. How I miss Skittles, the feral cat that had wandered in and stayed for a while before disappearing, probably eaten by coyotes. He sure kept the rat population down.
Got the mail and the water analysis was in it. Unfortunately the numbers are all gobbldygook to me. Don’t have a clue what it means. I’ll have to go in to the place to see if they can explain it to me. I talked to Wayne. He said he didn’t want to give us the loan that would keep him from having his Social Security check cut. At first he said he didn’t care if the check was cut cause he could live on less. When I told him that wasn’t the brightest thing he said he would just pull the money out of the bank and hide it. I’ve done the best I can for him but he’s a big boy and can do what he wants. I just know the MS reduces his mental capacity but there is nothing more I can do.

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