Tuesday, December 08, 2009

bad weather coming

12/8/09 Tuesday
I bought a tractor at the farm auction today. So I’ve achieved my goal. I’m tired after spending the day outside walking the fifteen acre size auction yard. I also bought a yard roller and seed spreader along with a contraption called a grain seed cleaner. I had in mind building something to do this job so it was nice to find one already built. Besides that I didn’t have a clue how to build one. I bid on a shredder so Nate let me know he had one that needed a motor and bought something for the motor to use on it. He also bought back the seed broadcaster he had put in the sale because I let him know I could use it for sure.

So it appears I will come home with the major items I hoped to get. That’s great. Unfortunately there is a major storm blowing in here tonight, bringing snow and then freezing rain so that will delay my leaving. I’ll be driving back in an unfamiliar truck pulling a trailer loaded with a pretty heavy tractor and lots of other stuff so there’s no way I’m gonna do it in a storm. When the weather clears I’ll clear out, providing I can get all the details taken care of. I need to see about temp tags for the truck and trailer to insure it’s all legal to hit the road. Need to put that on a list. Which means I need to start making a list right now or I’ll forget I even thought of it.

Got that started. I’ll meet with Barb, the second wife, tomorrow morning at a McDonalds. It will be the first time we have met to talk since the divorce I signed the day before the wreck. I have no idea how it will go but I hope it won’t be bitter and we can work some things out. Not sure what to work out but think it’s good to try and reduce hard feelings and for me it will help me get a better idea of what happened during those last days before the wreck. For that matter the last year or so of that time are pretty foggy.

I got to talk a bit with the lady I used to know from the auction days. It was good to hear that she didn’t see any of the madness of those last days. She just said that I disappeared and she didn’t see me at auctions anymore. That was good to hear, not that she didn’t see me anymore but that she didn’t see the madness. There was so much that is embarrassing from that end of a life that I find myself ashamed and am glad to know some missed it. The rest of the people I’m anxious to tell what I’ve learned about those days to try and explain what happened and why I was so out there. Let’s see, there was a stroke, a car wreck, a twenty foot fall that knocked me out for a few minutes, in one of those I broke at least two ribs and one or both of them I sustained further brain injury, deep depression, alcohol and drug use, and the stress of my life falling apart, all happening at around the same time. It was a rough time to say the least.

Tomorrow at 5:30 I visit with the folks, Cherie’s parents and family. There’s lots to do before I can head back to Texas but it looks like I’ll have an extra day or two to do so because of the weather.

I didn’t get a picture of the tractor but Nate took one and posted it on his Facebook site. I’ll try to figure out how to get it.

I’m tired. Didn’t go visit or anything. Got home about four and laid down. I’d forgotten to take a pain pill in the morning and forgot to take them with me so I hurt pretty bad by the time I got to this hotel room. So I went out and picked up some Arby’s for dinner.


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