Thursday, December 10, 2009

five below zero

12/10/09 Thursday
It’s twelve degrees out and the wind chill is said to be five degrees below zero. So that qualifies as it’s officially cold. The high for the day will only be 19 degrees. Right now I’m listening to the empty words of Obama as he accepts the Nobel Peace Prize. Oh they are grand sounding words to be sure but empty just the same. I simply don’t trust him and feel he puts on a big show to hide his true thoughts and agenda.

I got some more visiting done yesterday. Went and saw Sonny’s brother and while over there another friend came by. She is related to my second wife so I wasn’t sure of what she thought of me but she didn’t seem to have any problems about it. That’s always good. I spent several hours there and when done just returned to my hotel room to clean up for dinner with the in laws. That went well too. We laughed and talked with out any tensions. When all was said and done it was a good day. I was tired and worn out by the end so called it a day at around 8:00. I had hoped to run to the East Side and visit with Suzie and her family but ran out of energy. I do that a lot, running out of energy. For one thing I’m used to getting up at around six in the morning and as a general rule we are in bed and done for the day by 10:30 though sometimes that happens by 9:00 in the evening.

I got the temporary tags for the truck so can start driving it. Sometime today I need to take the rental car back to Detroit.

I tried to call Cherie several times and she never answered her phone. It went straight to her voice mail. As a result I began to worry that something happened too her. I’m prone to do that, worry and imagine what could have gone wrong. So I went online and looked up the number for where she works. I was happy when she answered the phone. At first she didn’t recognize my voice so as I asked if she was ok and explained I was worried she said “Who is this”. She was relieved to hear it was me but explained that it didn’t sound like my voice. So we had a nice talk and I got my Cherie “Fix” for the morning. I’m bad, but my days go a lot better after I talk with the love of my life. It’s good to be in love, especially when this far from home. Our love is an anchor for us that keeps things on an even keel.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob!
Been reading about your adventure up North!
When are you coming home with all your new goodies?
Take care!!
Hugs Vickie

Bob said...

We're getting everything together now. I currently plan to head back saturday morning but these plans must be flexible.