Thursday, December 24, 2009


12/24/09 Thursday
Brrrr!!! It’s cold now, a storm blew in yesterday evening. It came with wind and then some always welcome rain. The rye I sowed before I left for Toledo is coming up well. I’ll do a better job of evenly sowing it the next time because of the equipment I bought and made. It’s great to see something you planted coming up and I look forward to seeing a field of green out there. As I walk the property I envision what can be and contemplate how to achieve that. I’m thinking of planting Bermuda grass on all the pathways but wonder if it would be a good idea because of running the tractor and stuff on it. I think I’ll give it a try because the grass will hold the soil together and keep it from blowing away. I’ve decided where to build the henhouse so now need to research designs and how to do it.

After Christmas I’m going to look for some help to do a whole lot of work around here. I don’t have a whole lot but there’s some money left in the inheritance to pay for this. I hope to put of fences, build a henhouse and pen, build an extension to the garage for use as storage and processing, build a greenhouse down the length of the garage connected to the extension, install pump boost and water filtration, and a lot of other things like building trellises and installing irrigation systems. Calvin wanted to come down to Texas and find work, or at least talked about it. I could sure use the help but would have to get him here and house him. We wouldn’t mind having him here but I’m sure it would be awkward in this little house. Regardless I need help to accomplish our goals. I see this as a leap, a big leap ahead and look forward to this upcoming year. I hope to open the market store on the interstate among other things. There is so much that can be here with Westbrook Farms but I question my ability to handle it all by myself. Speaking of that, I need to work on my yearly plan mapping out what I will plant and when. This will be vital in order for me to insure I have harvestable crops all year long. Some varieties should be planted every two weeks or so to extend harvest times. I need to order seeds and fertilizers also, along with other supplies like drip irrigation parts. So with today being cold and miserable I think I’ll stay inside and work on that stuff.


Geo said...

Merry Christmas, and stay warm!

Bob said...

We've got plenty of wood so keep the fire burning and stay warm and cozy.