Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I love having all these pictures on my computer. So here's a picture. Something to look at while I'm far from home.

12/7/09 Monday
I finally was able to reach my friend, you know, to talk to him while he is there. He was energetic in his conversation but had wasn’t too cognizant about our previous phone conversations was surprised to learn I was in Toledo. I’ll see him at five today. Will try to talk with him about the medications he’s taking.

I need to learn to turn the television off in order to get things done. It’s a problem. I watched all three of the Lord of the Rings movies played back to back in order yesterday. Actually I was late seeing Wayne because I was watching the middle one. When I got there he had it on his cable TV and was watching it. I spent five hours with Wayne yesterday.

So this morning I got all cleaned up and again enjoyed the privilege of taking a shower. All we have is a bathtub at the farm. I ran out and paid for breakfast at the Big Boy in Maumee instead of cooking eggs at the hotel room. It’s one of those rooms with a kitchen in it. I cooked eggs for the first time Friday but was not pleased to discover I had no salt and pepper so ate them plain. Didn’t feel like cooking so I went out.

Then I came back to the room, trying to figure out what I needed to do. It was about noon that I remembered I wanted to go to the auction at HJ’s Prime Cut restaurant. The auctioneer is Wilson Auctions, a company I had done lots of business with in my other life, the pre coma one. Talking with Nate about them Saturday helped me remember more. I spend lots of time remembering when up here. So I hopped in the car and headed out there. It’s a restaurant I had eaten at many times but I still got lost getting there. The auction was over when I got there but I got out anyway. I didn’t want to buy anything there, mostly wanted to meet Wayne, Brent, and the others who I used to know. I saw them at the food wagon talking so went over. Wayne looked up as I approached and it didn’t take long for recognition to register on his face. “How ya doing Bob?” he asked as he extended his hand. The next twenty minutes was dedicated to that subject as we talked and I told what happened.

I couldn’t recognize her face despite studying it, and still can’t recall her name, but the lady who ran the food wagon was indeed the person I remembered. Here’s the thing with memory loss again. I can remember moments, flashes, so knew we had become friends, but can’t recall much more than that at the moment. I wasn’t sure it was her till she recognized me and broke into a big smile. I’m glad it was a smile as I couldn’t remember if there were problems or if I had done something stupid. We talked a few moments as she worked to close the food truck up. I recalled a precocious young daughter as we talked so asked “How’s your little girl doing?”. “She’s gonna be sixteen” was the reply. That stunned me as my memory was a little ball of fire girl that stood about waist high to me. But it’s been almost nine years now since I woke up so I guess it would be about right. It’s like being Rumplestilsken waking up to find kids are almost adults now.

So I’ve got time to write as it’s only 2:40. I have over two hours till I go see my friend. This gives me time to catch up a little. I drove around a lot snapping pictures and remembering things this morning.

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