Thursday, December 17, 2009


12/17/09 Thursday
Home!!! I’m Home!!! I pulled into the drive just as the sun disappeared below the horizon. The dogs went crazy, barking at this unfamiliar truck and trailer, determined to attack if they felt there was any threat to the household. And Cherie was quickly out as well. She later told me that she spent a lot of time at the window with the binoculars watching for me to appear. When I got the rig set and climbed out Cherie ran up to me, grabbed me in a big hug around the neck, and cried. It let me know how rough this trip had been on her in addition to reminding me how much she loves me. The dogs were also ecstatic to see me and crowded in for their hugs and pets.

So we talked and hugged and talked as I managed to get my bags in the house. Cherie had dinner ready in a heartbeat so we enjoyed that on the bed. She caught me up on what’s happened during my absence. There are of course many things I must take care of. It will be an extra busy day. Hell, it’s just plain gonna be busy for the rest of the year and well into next. I was in bed by eight or nine and conked out pretty quick. This morning Cherie showed me some mail and issues we need to deal with. There’s a proposal to place power lines across our property that is worrisome. This will not work well at all with our business plans. I’m not sure what they propose to pay, other than it being “Fair and equitable” but don’t want this at all. This is part of the infrastructure for more wind power electric generation fields being planned.

Meantime I’ve got lots to do. It will be important for me to make lists now in order to insure things get done. Part of that will involve getting the trailer unloaded. Nate told me I need to buy a new battery for the tractor and there was a message about the brakes not working on it. It appears I should buy a battery charger and need to figure out something about diesel fuel for the tractor. The farmers around here have diesel tanks on trailers in addition to the ones I’ve seen high up on stands that they use to fuel up their equipment. Until I can get something like that I’ll have to drive the tractor to Stanton and fill up, that and a five gallon can. So I’ll have to go shopping. Meantime I must make a run to the landfill and get rid of the garbage that’s built up.

Having been on the road and using hotel wireless internet for two weeks really brings it home how poor our internet connection is. So that’s something else on the list to take care of. I started to check my emails and gave up after reading four of them because it took so long and eventually wouldn’t even recognize a command to delete. Posting this will be a chore.

Time to go. Lots to do.


Nate~ said...

that tractor holds 16 gallons or so and should only use a gallon or so a hour, it had some brakes just not much, I wish you would have mentioned wanting a tank on a stand, I have 3 of them that I do not use, I will bring one in the spring when I come down

Amy said...

Glad to see you made it home!
Re: Internet. I have Wild Blue and am happy with it so far. Have had it since July. The only issue is that during thunderstorms it doesn't work. Other than that it's great.