Thursday, December 03, 2009

Toledo, city of memories

A picture of my old office, where two of my companies were.

12/3/09 Thursday
Toledo, a city of memories for me, memories both good and bad. What books can be written with the stories I’ve lived and known here. On the plan I met a “Federal Officer” who’s exact department or job I unfortunately can’t remember despite the fact he told me. His wife had incurred a traumatic brain injury in a car accident about a year ago. I am always amazed at how many people I meet who have or know someone who has survived a TBI. She was, or is, a member of Mensa and had a successful business or two. Sorry the details are fuzzy but that’s the way it is with me. He told me of her frustrations and many familiar issues she is working through. I told him the blog address and encouraged him to get in touch with me through that as well as having his wife do so. It’s been eight years since I woke from my coma and that in itself has been an amazing journey during which I’ve learned much about TBI and come a long way in my recovery. So I would like to use that experience to help and encourage others who are in the midst of their journey. The ones who are most affected are those of us who’s IQ was above 130, that’s according to a study I read and downloaded years ago. The reason for this is that we are more aware of what we have lost. The gentleman, who’s name I believe is Steve, told me that depression is an issue his wife is fighting and I certainly understand that. There have been times that depression has frozen me to the point I didn’t even care to get out of bed.

Of course I told Steve our story, of how brain injury tore the marriage between Cherie and I apart and how in an incredibly ironic twist brain injury reunited us. He asked what almost everyone asks at this point “Are you writing a book?”. Actually I think he asked if I was having someone write the book for me. Considering how fast I’m not working on it that’s a concept I should explore.

So that was the highlight of my flight to Detroit. The car I got is a little bitty Hyundai (However you spell it) I guess I picked that considering I reserved the car. I had a bigger car in mind but I guess got confused regarding full size versus intermediate size car. The car I got last time was a Hyundai and I thought it was small but not as small as this one is. But it’s cheaper and we need to save money so that’s fine. I’m just used to my truck.

I called Cherie at every stop on the way up, Dallas, St Louis, and Detroit, to keep her assured everything was going well. Called her this morning too. It’s a great way to start the day, listening to her voice. She of course misses me and told me that Rascal and Trixie miss me too, that they keep searching all over for me. It will be good to get home and I’ve only been away one day.

I talked to Nate so we can figure out a schedule. Just called Suzie and Calvin and will go visit them in an hour or two after I grab some breakfast. Left a message on Allen’s phone but he never returned the call. Went to the store and bought toothpaste and a notebook to take notes with. That was Nate’s suggestion and a good one. You know writing helps me think. This is the start of day one and there are probably six more to come after this.

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