Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Busy, Busy

12/22/09 Tuesday
There’s plenty to do so writing will be as I find the time. Today I’ll spend more time finding and dealing with things that had blown away during a wind storm we had while I was gone. I lost all the 55 gallon plastic containers we had. They just blew away and so far there is no sign of them. We had a fifty pound roll of fencing that ended up in the farmers field across the highway. So stuff is moved and stuff is gone and I’m still taking stock of it. I’ll run the sprinklers for the rest of the day and should be able to water most of the five acres by the end of it. It’s a poop scoop day. I think I’ll change that to being a go to Midland day as I do much more than clean a friends’ yard. I’ll be visiting with the little old lady and helping her out with stuff around the house and yard. I hope that Wally was able to help her understand her finances while I was gone. Forgot to ask him about that in church.

That’s it. I don’t have time to write more now. Need to get out and get working.
Checked my email and there was one from myself, only I didn’t send it. When I opened it up it was a come on from a female name saying she’d read my profile and would like to get to know me with a link. Not good. This means that someone has accessed my Yahoo account and is using it to send out emails. Odds are they accessed the addresses on it so there’s a chance that everyone I know is receiving messages under my name. I changed the password so hope that solves the problem. Running the Webroot spysweeper found nothing. Doesn’t mean there’s nothing there, just means Spysweeper couldn’t find it. Our internet connection is not working either so we are exploring other means of access.

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