Saturday, August 21, 2010

Anyone wanna help move a piano?

8/21/10 Saturday
11:35 – It’s hot already. Been out working since 7:30 or so and am beat. Shoveled four of the big wheelbarrow’s worth of compost and spread it on the last beds I’ve been preparing. Pain level is up there pretty high. No big deal, I’m as used to it as one can get. Took my second pain pill for the day and after sitting in front of the fan to cool off and dry the sweat I’ll lay down till the pain reduces. Both Rascal and Trixie are up here in bed with me as usual. I gave them both tick baths this morning. That takes an hour to do and I spend a lot of time bending over them to find and pick off ticks. That contributes more to the pain I think than shoveling dirt. The ticks sure are bad this year.

Cherie is in Midland taking care of stuff. The church she works at is getting rid of several pianos so we are able to get one. She picked a smaller upright. They have a total of four they want to disappear. Anyone out there need a piano? No promises but drop me a comment or email at bobcarver2@yahoo and I’ll see what I can do. Also if anyone would like to help me load and move the small one we’re getting I sure could use the help. I’ll build a ramp so that we can wheel it out of her pickup straight into the house so that will be the easiest part. That’s how we got the big bookcase the widow gave us into the house. Actually I didn’t need a ramp for it, just backed her truck up to the door which is close to the same height as the pickup bed.

Time for tall glass of tea and water number two. I’ll probably drink at least four while I’m resting. Just laid a towel over my pillow in order to lay down without getting it soaking wet. Sitting up on this bed with the laptop in my lap hurts too much so I must lay down.

There, that’s much better. Now I have to get Rascal to quit panting his hot breath in my face. Everyone’s hot, even the dogs. One of these days we’ll get a refrigerated air conditioner that we can put in the window. Till then it’s fans and the evaporative unit. That works great when there is no humidity, you know the normal West Texas desert dry days, but there has been an unusual amount of humidity all this year that it’s been tough. This is harder on Cherie than it is on me, perhaps because she works in an air conditioned environment and I’m out in the heat all the time. Boy, I just dozed off and filled the screen with mmmm’s cause my finger was resting on that key. I’ll rest for maybe an hour and head back outside. There’s always so much to do. I so look forward to the business growing to the point I can afford to pay for help. That will make a dramatic difference in what can be accomplished versus it being a one man show.

Tomorrow we will go to the Midland Baptist church and say goodbye to all of our friends there. It’s hard to do, we feel like we are abandoning our friends by changing churches and hope they don’t feel we are rejecting them in any way. We’re not, and plan to keep in touch and maintain these relationships. This was the first place we were accepted and felt welcomed and fed. But we also feel that God has a plan for us and that it involves this other church we have been visiting though I am sure that the friendships we’ve cultivated at First Baptist of Midland will play important roles in our future as well.

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