Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rain bypassed us.

8/25/10 Wednesday
We didn’t get any rain. It just passed over us and drenched everything sixty miles south. Oh well, such is life and the weather in West Texas. But at least the temperatures are cooler. Anything under 90 degrees is a blessing. Unfortunately this lack of rain means my fall crops are delayed. I can’t start the seeds with well water because of the high levels of salt and chlorides so was counting on some rain to get them going. Most of the rain water I captured off the roof in various drums is gone now. What’s left has gotten pretty green with algae or whatever grows in it.

It will be a busy day, as the days always seem to be. Got the letter written and sent out but the response just glossed over things. That’s in God’s hands now. I will watch and pray. I need to run to Linda’s and check on her car. Left the battery charger on it and didn’t get there yesterday as planned so it may still be charging. Not good. Here’s where forgetting to do things can be a problem. I can remember conversations days later but in the immediate day to day stuff things get lost.

May need to run to Midland regarding the widow’s car. It’s at the Nissan dealer’s now and they have a big line of cars to work on so hope it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. She really needs her car so perhaps my showing up will move it up in importance. Who knows.

I need to contact the newspaper and television stations regarding Kairos Prison Ministry today also. Best do it this morning or I’ll get going and forget. Tonight I give my testimony to the youth group at church.

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