Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tale of the revolving $100

This morning's sunrise. Dawn of a beautiful new day.

8/24/10 Tuesday
Yesterday I told about the hundred dollar bill we were gifted with, and expressed our faith and trust that God will take care of our needs. Not our wants but our needs. I feel it’s important to make that distinction for there are some who are “believing God” for a Cadillac or other luxury items. That’s not the promise of God in the bible, He said He would supply our needs and also said that we should learn to be content if we had food, clothing, and shelter. We are not just content but grateful for what we have.

I’m anxious to tell you about how great God is and how true He is to His promises. Understand that all of His promises come with conditions, He won’t reward sin nor a stubborn prideful heart. It’s when you humble yourself and submit to the Lord God Almighty that He is able to do these things.

So here’s the tale of the revolving hundred dollar bill. First it is slipped quietly into my hand by a loving man of God in Sunday school. Now we are down to the wire with a week to go before Cherie’s next check with only about $60 in the bank, bills due, and low on food. But Linda, our former biker friend, has greater needs. Her car broke down, probably needs a new $300 fuel pump (I’ll go out there again today and verify that it’s broke, if I can figure out how) and the tire on her truck blew. Literally just burst into pieces as the truck sat parked. It was a blessing she wasn’t driving it when it blew out. Linda has been fighting to get unemployment for five months from a company that dishonestly fired her and is denying her claim, so has had no income. She spends her time as a volunteer at Teen Challenge, writing grants and working with the girls who come there with so many problems, and does this for no pay.

So we went to get the tire off her truck and to look at her car. I gave her the 100 dollar bill and Linda was ecstatically grateful. This was all still on Sunday. Monday Linda’s friend took the rim into Stanton to see about getting a tire. The tires he knows cost over two hundred dollars so he planned on putting it on his account and waiting till Linda had the funds to pay for it. When he explained the situation at the tire place the guy mounted a new tire on the rim and said “That will be a hundred dollars”. Now he didn’t know about our gift to Linda, he just happened to only charge that much for a two hundred plus dollar tire. Why? I wasn’t there but am pretty sure it’s because he’s a man with a good heart and desired to help someone in distress. The Lord will bless him for it.

But wait!!! There’s more!!! Yesterday morning I checked my email and there was one from someone I didn’t know. A company wants to pay us a hundred dollars to put a one sentence link in my blog for their Medical billing education course. There is a specific post they want to do this in. Is this all just coincidence? I don’t think so. It all just lines up too neatly to have happened by accident. We meet someone with a need, someone hands us money, it just happens to cover the exact discounted amount to meet the need, and then someone out there in the ethereal world of the internet just happens to choose my blog to place an add for the exact amount. I would love to be able to follow the blessings that expand from this to all the others involved because I know the person who handed us the bill will be blessed and I know the tire guy will be blessed, and we are blessed just to be able to help someone in need.

There’s rain coming and I’ve got lots of work to do. Both to prepare for the rain and also I need to run to town and buy dog food and paper for our printer. Plus I need to follow up on the widows car and make sure she isn’t taken advantage of. So no time to write but had to take this moment to tell of God and show He is a living God who actually does things. Too cool.

3:30 – Went to a surprise meeting for Kairos Prison Ministry. Dave called this morning as I was out rushing to get things done in preparation for the rain. So I dropped it all, changed shirts, and went. Dave and I were the only ones who made it, probably due to the suddenness of the announcement. We discussed things we need to do and I made several suggestions. The suggestions mostly involve me getting off my butt and making calls to the paper and local TV stations. I came home and went right to work on the farm and checking my email see that Dave set up an interview with channel 9. Glad to see that. I have managed to start a blog for Kairos called Kairos Ft Stockton. www.kairosftstockton.blogspot.com There’s nothing on it yet but it at least exists now.

There’s an aspect to this change in weather coming that I’ve forgotten about. That is the pain that comes with the changes in barometric pressures when a cold front blows in. Sure do feel it now, deep in the old broken bones of my back and neck, over and above the regular daily pain. Oh well, it is what it is and this is the price I pay for poor decisions made long ago.

I need to run back to Midland and buy dog food as well as paper for our printer. Plus I’ll poop scoop and drop of the can opener we bought for the widow to replace the other one she had that broke. I brought it home to try and fix it but only broke it further. She’ll be blessed to get the new one. They are not as cheap as I thought but we don’t worry about that here.

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