Saturday, August 07, 2010

Suppose I just human

8/7/10 Saturday
Today I shall pray for rain. The sky has no clouds in it at all but that doesn’t matter. God can make it rain anytime and anywhere He pleases, and He can withhold the rain as well. I’ve watched as rain falls from clouds but never makes it to the ground. It is something else to see. This picture is from yesterday and is such an occurrence. This is such a picture of life for some, who work and strive but seem unable to reap the benefit of their labors. It seems like no matter what they do it all dries up. They don’t understand that it is the hand of the Lord, who rewards according to their hearts. They do all the right things but something is missing.

I have fasted for three days now, eating only an evening meal. There is so much on our hearts, so much that presses down. So we seek God, in whom rests all mercy and grace. Today I will focus on writing a letter that addresses some of those issues that press down. I am not at liberty to tell the details, that may of may not come in later posts. There is work to do but at the same time other things to deal with. Cherie needs to replace her phone and that is an expense we weren’t planning on. But she needs to have one so as always we will do what we have to do and bite the bullet on that one. As always we know that God provides our needs so there is no cause to worry.

It’s the Sabbath, Saturday is always the original Sabbath. Sunday was in reality a day named after and dedicated to the sun god and part of what is known as Mithraism, an ancient religion that dates back to and is connected with Zoroastrianism. It was known as the hidden religion and was widely practiced in the Roman empire. Constantine, the emperor who declared Sunday as the new Sabbath for Christianity was also a worshiper of Mithra and thus blended, or more accurately corrupted, the two religions. Understand, I see no problem, despite knowing this, with going to church on Sunday. God judges the heart so if you go to church on Sunday and dedicate that as the Lord’s day with purity of motive you’re fine. It’s not what you do, it’s why you do it that is important. For me, I strive to make every day one that God is a part of, but that isn’t easy. Some days I’m fine and some days I’m terrible. Some days I’m confused and on others I’m clear as a bell. I suppose that’s just being human.


Jeff said...

Good luck and God bless, Bob ... "there WILL come soft rains."

Bob said...

Thanks, I'll take any kind of rain that comes and when it does will tell everyone "Look what God can do".