Friday, August 20, 2010


Last nights sunset

8/20/10 Friday
Made it to the VA. I was a little late as I got some farm work in before I left. Have to take advantage of the cool of the morning. The blood pressure nurse said I was fine so unless the doctor had something to say I could go. Sitting in the lobby, as I waited to see the nurse, I watched CNN doing a story of Islamaphobia in the U.S.. What a crock of crap that was, what a white wash of the truth. The cleverness of the lies and distortion of the truth are worthy of the great cons of the world and remind me of the movie “The Sting”. It shows again the power of the media to tell Americans how we are supposed to think, and the power along with the influence of Islamic money along with the blind “Why can’t we all just get along” tittering’s of the liberals.

Statements were made by those interviewed such as “If people would only study Islam instead of believing what they hear they would discover just how peaceful of a religion it is”. I’ve studied Islam and continue to do so and I’ve heard first hand accounts of life in Islamic countries. It’s nasty, ugly, violent, degrading, bigoted, and in a word, “EVIL”. Serious folks, don’t be blinded by those whom telling lies to further their religion is a central part of their belief and clearly stated numerous times in the Koran.
This is a load of crap. Only, unlike the stuff fed to us by mainline media this crap is useful and has many good uses.

Sure there are some “moderate” Muslims who enjoy the pleasures of civilization but when it comes down to it they all consider the Koran their holy book and guide and see Mohamed as their prophet and example. So while they may compromise on what’s taught in the Koran it’s still there and says what it says. Thus at any point the potential is there for them to be “moved” to a deeper walk in their faith and thus move into the radical aspects of the religion. This is what’s happening around the world. It’s a “Revival” so to speak, a familiar thing in the Christian world where the followers of Christ are inspired to return to the original ways and their faith is “revived”.
Here are the refrigerators I use to raise worms in. They will get healthy amounts of the horse manure to feed on and convert into worm castings.

Meantime we are being fed the company line by the media. We are being told to bury our heads in the sand and pretend it’s just not possible that a religion could do such awful things. Oh, Really!!! Have you read history? This is nothing new, Islam once almost conquered the world and destroyed much of civilization, and did so following the principles of the Koran.

The CNN story had the audacity to present that 9/11 was not the work of Islam and kept making fun of those who “Paint all Muslims with the same Islamiphobic brush”. And did so while painting all who dared to question this religion and it’s true teachings with the “Islamaphobia” brush.

Worm castings, another kind of useful crap. In fact it's powerful stuff for your gardening.

So what they want is for us all to just bend over and take it… They want us to rest blindly in our comfort and believe that everything is going to be OK. I’ve got news, I read the Koran and read the bible. The bible tells me what is going to happen and it’s going to happen soon. It tells me the names of the countries involved and all kinds of details of what’s to come. This, coupled with seeing it all come about just as it said, causes me to believe in God.

The widow called and has car problems so I will head up there to help her. Time to go.
It turned out to be a fusible link on the widow’s car that was the problem. She had gone through two batteries and still had a problem. I looked and couldn’t figure it out so went online to study on it. The boy who is staying with the widow has a friend who knows about cars and brought him over. He figured it out real fast. Works for me. I went over to fix it but someone else did and that’s fine because now she has a car that works. She has invited Cherie and I over for dinner tonight so we look forward to that. I can’t believe it’s already almost 5:00. Haven’t gotten much done around the farm at all. Just got home from the widows after spending most of the day there after seeing the doctor this morning. Have a sore throat that showed up this afternoon. No idea what’s causing that. I’ll clean up and get ready to go to the widow’s for dinner.

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