Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We had a light rain last night.

This morning's sunrise. I missed the best part of it as I was busy waking up (Drinking coffee)

8/18/10 Wednesday
We had a light rain last night. That means I’m on the tractor this morning and will sow seeds. Don’t have lots of time to write so will let the pictures tell the story.

I went to the widow’s yesterday to do yard work for her. It hit 102 degrees so after working on the farm and then at the widows till nearly 6:00 I was drained. But still had stuff to do at home when I got there. This picture shows some of the areas I worked to clear of the weeds that had taken over long ago because no one was tending her yard.

The next picture shows how many weeds I pulled up, along with Bermuda grass that has encroached on areas it wasn’t supposed to be. Ms G told me “I don’t know what I’d do without you to help”. My reply was that she would pray and God would send another person to help because He wouldn’t abandon her.

These are the squash bugs that wreak such havoc in my garden. They attack anything that vines it seems. After destroying my squash they moved onto the watermelon vine. I'm just going to have to tear it all out and till it under after burning the vines. Never saw a watermelon turn yellow before. Wonder if they somehow cross pollinated with squash or pumpkin? Who knows, could be because the vines are dying and all the leaves on them have turned yellow.

Here's a picture of the lost watermelon that showed up where the Blackeyed peas are planted. The squash bugs haven't discovered it yet but probably will after I take out their current main meal, my other watermelon vines.

The blackeyed peas with drip irrigation tape installed.

Just a nice picture taken yesterday evening as the sun was going down

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