Wednesday, August 11, 2010

When all is said and done...

8/11/10 Wednesday
Time to get out and beat the heat. We’re looking at triple digit temperatures coupled with humidity for the next few days. There is no rain forecast either. I will continue focusing on getting fall crops planted, which will include the 546 peat pot seed starters. Chopping weeds will continue. My left hand is getting pretty stiff and painful in all the joints. Nothing new there, just becomes more noticeable when I work hard with it.

Cherie is getting ready for work so I need to take a break from this and find a scripture for a morning devotional. She had a rough day yesterday and that reminded me that her strength is my responsibility, that I need to be the spiritual leader and help hold her up.

I remind myself, and Cherie, of those we know of around the world who suffer greatly for the cause of Christ, when ever things seem tough around here. It helps to put things in that perspective. The friend we met at church moved into a house with no water, no electricity, and the windows boarded shut. Reminded us of when we moved in here at the farm but we had electricity. We are blessed greatly. Oh we don’t have the money and things others do but we know that money and things only feed selfish desires. In the end they all vanish, you can’t take it with you and we will stand before God naked and then give an account of what we did with what we had. Jesus said that the poor, downtrodden, and neglected will be the first in heaven, and those who sacrificed the most get the highest seats of honor. When all is said and done it’s what God thinks that is important.

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