Friday, August 27, 2010

Blessed with a piano, blessed to be alive

8/27/10 Friday
Had one of those bad brain damage headaches. Woke up at two this morning with it and had a hard time getting back to sleep. Been taking advantage of the cooler weather and working hard. My muscles are all pretty sore but I think that’s good personally. Will get out and work despite the headache because it needs to be done. We never got the rain so I’m debating planting seeds with the salty well water for moisture. The blackeyed peas came up ok with it so it’s evident that some plants aren’t as affected by the well water as others. Can’t wait till too late for some of these seeds for the season is getting shorter with every day. Have lots of tomatoes and peppers so if any of y’all want some tomatoes, bright red jalapeƱo’s (Guess they turn red if you don’t pick them early), or different colored bell peppers let me know.

We got the piano moved into the house. There were five guys to help load it on the truck at the church but no one to help unload it at home. Somehow Cherie and I got it done and only damaged one little knob on it. It was quite a feat to do. I tried all kinds of things and put up ramps to roll it from the back of her pickup directly through the front door. Some of the wood cracked under the weight of the piano, a little unnerving to say the least. The church, where Cherie works, has four piano’s they’d like to find a home for so if any of you would like a piano email me at The best part of this piano is the smile it put on Cherie's face and the dance in her step. She's had a few rough days dealing with depression and worry about our finances so this really helped. She grew up with a piano and would love to get back to playing it. It needs tuning so I'll go online and see if it's possible for me to tune it myself or if we have to pay someone to do it.

That’s it. Can’t believe it’s already 10:00 and I’m not out working. At least the headache is manageable now. I’m going to Midland today to attend the fellowship lunch at the HeBrew coffee house. Haven’t made it there in a while despite wanting too. Plus I must poop scoop and buy parts needed to finish repairing the irrigation stuff that gophers chewed up. We just had another power outage, seems that they are a daily occurrence now. This happened at exactly ten so I wonder if it’s a switching station problem. It’s cost us several of the internet routers and I worry about potential damage to the computers. Other than that I must reset all the electronic clocks on everything, the alarm clocks, the microwave clock, the coffee pot clock, and anything else that has a built in timer on it.

No sense in going out to work as I’ll get all hot and sweaty and need to leave in forty minutes to make the 11:00 fellowship luncheon. I think I’ll start pulling tile off the wall in the bathroom to prepare to put the new sink we bought a month ago in.

I pulled up to the house and he came out to see who it was. Looking right at me he quickly ducked back in the house, I mean real quick. Fine, it didn’t surprise me. I went to the back to poop scoop and wondered if he would come out and talk or not. He didn’t. I could see into the house from the back door as I headed out the gate and he was standing there to the side of the front door so that he couldn’t be seen through the glass. I saw him lean forward quickly, just poking his head out to look out the glass and quickly pulling back to continue hiding. Sad, real sad. I understand he wants to avoid seeing me due to the problems I’ve called him on but running and hiding is a poor indicator of personal character. I don’t suppose I should expect others to face their problems head on like I tend to but I do. To me it’s a sense of honor and integrity that requires me to own up to my mistakes and confront them openly and honestly. To run and hide usually makes things worse. I’ve seen this behavior in my brother and the church people we had a problem with and it just makes me want to march right up to them and demand they talk. I tried that with my brother and he literally ran away, moving from group of people to group as I approached, fleeing each one as I came near. It was almost funny but is too sad to laugh about. He got real sensitive when I said something about being a Man. “Don’t you dare question my manhood” he wrote as he continued to avoid even sending emails to work things out. To me a man stands up for himself, a man doesn’t run and hide, a man admits his mistakes and owns up to it. When they don’t they become a little less of a man in my book.

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