Thursday, September 09, 2010

Another mouth to feed

9/9/10 Thursday
I guess we have another mouth to feed now. Last night we heard a dog whining outside our bedroom window. Thinking it was one of our outside dogs I got dressed and went to see what was wrong because it wasn’t a familiar type of whine. We know our dogs voices well so figured something was off. Coming around the back of the house I see a dog of similar color as Gretchen but way to skinny. The puppy ran too me hesitantly, unsure of the reception he was going to get. Nuts! Either he just happened to wander in or, once again, someone dropped off their unwanted dog. My money is on it was dropped off. The puppy was certainly hungry but doesn’t have the famished look you would expect if it was out in the wild for any length of time. I’m no expert on it but my guess is that the dog is only a few months old, maybe five or six. It’s got some long legs and BIG paws so has some growing to do.

The big question was “Would he be here in the morning?” That’s the first thing Cherie checked when she got up. Sure enough, puppy was laying at the kitchen door. Oh well, so much for the easy answer. He sure loves his pets and loving, and that tells me he came from a home somewhere.

Ben and Gretchen aren’t thrilled at this new addition to the family but seem to be taking it ok. Trixie really doesn’t like him and makes sure he knows it every chance she gets. Rascal is astute at insuring the newcomer knows his place and establishes his dominance. The puppy stays with me everywhere I go. Walking sometimes between my legs as I go, a real awkward experience, but there I’m sure he feels safe from the others. Rascal is my dog and always paces me as I work, whether pushing a roller or driving the tractor, he’s walking along with me. This morning I am working on planting corn in the new patch and I’ve got both Rascal and the new dog right alongside of me, one on each side. It’s definitely a crowd. With the new guy Rascal’s insecurities are coming out so he needs more loving than usual. We have yet to name the newcomer. I’m open to suggestions. In fact how about a “name the puppy” event? Can’t think of a prize for the winner…perhaps some vegetables from the garden?

It looks like folks from the new church have decided to come out and build us a new bathroom. In their conversations one of them said he had a new septic tank laying around that he didn’t need and asked if we needed one. That’s how God works. We haven’t said a word to anyone and don’t ask for much but the fact is we just had the sink hole appear and evidence that one of the walls of the old cesspool is collapsing. So needs are being met before they are a necessity. God knows what we need before we do. It’s so cool to watch Him work. When all is said and done we will be able to take a shower and have room to move around. Regardless of what happens we are blessed.


Loretta said...

He looks like a Lab/Hound mix to me. How about "Midnight"...he's black like night and he came to you at night!! lol

Looks like a sweet puppy.

Beautiful pictures the last few days!

I'm happy that your getting a new bath. We women love a pretty bathroom.

Bob said...

You win, Wife said "Midnight works for me". So it's Midnight. Good natured puppy. So ya want some veggies? We got blackeyed peas, tomatoes, small bell peppers, lots of red jalapeno's

Loretta said...

I wish I lived close enought for some veggies...sounds good! Good luck with your new planted corn.