Thursday, September 23, 2010

Demolition starts today

The new tub.

9/23/10 Thursday
Today is the planned start of getting a bathroom installed in the house. Getting all the players together is a hard part of that as they all have individual lives and activities. Ricardo said he could be here by 11:00. I’ll start tearing down the wall after clearing stuff out of the way.

Got the seal put in the transmission and come to find out the leak is from a rusted transmission fluid cooling line. Nuts! Don’t know what that costs, nor do I know if the auto parts store carries it in stock. I’ll be surprised if they do. We really need to get the truck running so that we can assist Ron and Paula Charles when they come to West Texas.

Had another detailed dream last night. This time someone stole my weed. I’m so glad I don’t have that issue in my life now. It’s good to be drug free. The exception is the pain medication but that’s something that helps me function and keep going despite how much I hurt.

That’s it. Too much to do to sit and write. Something on my mind is how people let a root of bitterness reside in their spirit and seeing how it effects their thoughts and actions. Good people who talk about love and all that but in the next sentence reveal how they despise someone. They don’t see or don’t want to see it. These roots of bitterness are dangerous to allow and I must work hard to keep them from growing in me for I know and have seen the end results of that. Pride is a big factor. The bible tells us to esteem the other person higher than ourselves, a sometimes almost impossible thing to do. When you think poorly of another you are essentially thinking of how much better you are than them. With Jesus it is the last who will be first and the least who will be the greatest. Humility is a key to heaven and good standing with God.

See ya next time. Pray for us and remember Cherie especially. Her stress level is high with all the goings on and stuff. I love her and want the best for my wife.

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