Friday, September 17, 2010

Hallelujah Rain

9/17/10 Friday
Hallelujah!!! We got rain. Serious rain, enough to fill the buckets and drums I’ve got placed under the roof lines to collect rainwater. That means I have lots to do. Weeds pull much easier when the ground is wet and seeds need to be planted, even though it’s late for that. My tractor is still at Linda’s. I put the repaired tire on it yesterday but it was late so left it there. That’s good because with the rain the ground I had disced up is now soft. I’d gone over it dozens of times with the disc before and it barely touched the surface. Now I can disc it up right so will do that when I go over there to pick up the tractor. I suspect I should wait a bit because if she got as much rain as we did the ground will be mushy with mud and that might make pulling the disc a challenge.

I go to Midland today to attend the HeBrew fellowship meeting. Look forward to that. By the way, Chaplain Raines, the chaplain at the Lynaugh prison we minister at, was hospitalized with severe chest pains. I’d appreciate it if those of you that pray would remember him in your prayers. He’s made a huge difference in the short time he’s been at the prison. Lives have been changed and tensions between gangs reduced, the message that God loves each and everyone of them so much that Jesus paid the penalty for every wrong they did goes out effectively through Rayne’s’ (not sure how to spell his name) leadership.

Need to get out and play in the mud. No doubt I’ll be a mess before the end of the day. Please pray for the repair of the relationship with the people who disappointed and hurt us so much. It’s in his hands to move forward as he cut off communication and said he would not respond to emails. My response to him was that we would see how important it really was to them through their action, or inaction. It’s been two weeks now. I’ll wait a month and if there’s no response will tell all. The truth is a wonderful thing when you live right but the truth is something to run from when it exposes that which is not good. My hope is to write about reconciliation, a simple statement that God is Lord and we have all submitted to do what we know is right, and swallowed the pride that always goes before a fall. In all things we should understand that the world watches those of us who bear the name of Christ and whatever we do should be for His glory. The unfortunate other side of that coin is that the bad we do is also seen by the world, especially those who don't like or resist God or walk fences looking for excuses not to make a decision on which side they want to be on.

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