Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Miraculous provision

Here's this morning's rainbow, that came with the surprise rain shower. (Click to enlarge)

9/7/10 Tuesday
Sometimes I work too hard, at least that’s what my body is telling me, but when I look at things I don’t think I work hard enough. Got three truck loads of manure and placed it carefully in the furrows I plowed the other day. It went on top of the drip tape and then I covered it all over with dirt. When the drip tape parts I ordered come in I’ll be able to complete that project and hook it all up to the water. This is different from what I’ve done before. I guess another experiment in my constant search for better ways of doing things. It will give the plot access to more water than any other area previously prepared.

There is so much to do. I think I make that statement on almost every post I make. It’s still a one man show but you watch, God will provide. Let me talk about that a bit. We had a wonderful relationship with the old man till someone put a bug in his ear and gave him the idea that I was just taking advantage of him. I pray that God will heal that relationship and have confidence it will happen. Among other things he was a source of manure for me, an invaluable commodity when it comes to farming organically. So we lost that but what do you know!!! We met someone at the new church who has horses and now not only can I get manure from them but they will pay me to clean out the horse stalls and areas to do it. So what was taken has been restored with a plus. Isn’t God good! (That’s not a question, it’s a statement of fact)
Drip tape in place. It's not hooked up yet as I must wait on the parts to come in.

Furrows now filled with manure.

But wait…There’s more!!!! (I always loved how the infomercials say that) We had had friends who were looking into our oil lease and then got greedy, and kind of petty. It was weird so there was no doubt that the devil got involved. All of it blew up over us asking to have our documents returned and they got all honked out of shape about it. As a result, these “friends” cut off all communication and said it would remain that way till we meet with a third party to resolve the differences. I didn’t help due to being bluntly honest about what I think. We hope to see this resolved but the ball is in their court. I told him that we will watch and see how important it really is to them. People talk all the time but what they do reveals what is truly important and what is not. In the meantime there are oil lease questions and oil companies that want to drill but it seems the questions are stopping or at least delaying any movement. So our enemy puts a dagger in a relationship and disrupts progress and what does God do? Gee, out of the blue we meet someone who knows about oil, actually a couple of someones, and it will be looked at for us. What our friend said he was paying thousands of dollars to have done is going to be done for free. The more I talk with these new oil people the worse our friend looks. We are hearing very different stories and figures than we were told before.
And now the rows are finished. This represents three days of work. Still need to hook it up to the water but that's the easy part. Hallelujah, another planting area prepared

All in all we trust in God. I know that I am far from perfect and it’s evident that I certainly do grate on others nerves, but I suspect that our enemy creates a lot of that in their minds. I know I talk too much, but I also know that God is God and it’s a dangerous thing to mess with Him. There is little question in my mind that God has a plan for us. Just too much happens that can’t be called coincidence. We are God’s children and He has a purpose for us so any who oppose that and would work to cause us problems are in essence opposing God? I don’t know a lot of things, but I know God loves us and has had His hand on our lives. Jesus said that it’s a bad thing to harm the least of His little children and I hope to at least qualify to being the least of His. Boy, I used the word “Least” three times in one sentence. I’m sure some linguistic expert will make note of that but don’t care. I’m getting a point across and that is the purpose of writing, to convey thoughts.

Note the area of grass in the middle. This was once dirt like everything else and it took a lot of effort to get grass there. Our goal is to have all the pathway areas nice and green with grass as we work to create our vision for Westbrook Farms.

There’s a Kairos meeting today, then I must go to the VA rep and deal with the continuing problem. Then it’s back to work on the farm. Been soaking the ground at one place for three days with a soaker hose in preparation of digging a fifty foot long trench to lay more pipe for our irrigation. Then there’s tilling and planting in preparation for the rain we hope will come tonight. I worked from morning till it was too dark to see yesterday and was so tired and sore that I was shuffling when I came in. Cherie heard me as I shuffled across the hardwood floor to get the dogs some food and ran in to see what that “Strange noise” was. When I get real tired the partly paralyzed right leg doesn’t work very well so I kind of drag it along.

Remember the new pump I had to put in the air cooler? Here it is after only a week, already covered with salt from the water. Eventually that problem will be fixed as well.

Neat, we just got a surprise rain shower. It didn’t last long but any rain is welcome out here. With it there was a faint rainbow that I rushed out to catch a picture of. If you click on the picture to enlarge it you might be able to see it. In the bible the rainbow is a sign from God, for us we see it as a sign of His provision. I had just finished pouring bath water and waiting for it to cool off enough that I could take a bath. The reason for that is because the cold water tap doesn’t work. It had long ago gotten such a mineral build up that it no longer would turn off and in trying to stop the flow of water I stripped the knob. Now we have a steady trickle out of it but can’t turn the cold water on so must fill the tub with only hot water. When a friend from the new church learned of it she told the others. We don’t talk about stuff like that other than my describing daily life in this blog. It seems that a decision was made among them to get us a different bathtub, redo the plumbing where we could actually have a shower, and in the process redo the walls and perhaps rearrange where the toilet sits. This will bless Cherie immensely as she has been embarrassed to have anyone come over and see how bad it is with all the mineral deposits on everything the water touches. It looks nasty but I couldn’t even get the black out of the toilet with sandpaper.

I know you see dirt, but I see this as it will be, a nice path of green grass with fences all up and posts painted white.

There’s work to do. First I must upgrade the Kairos prison ministry website. And if there’s time do some outside work. Don’t want to do too much as I will be attending a Kairos meeting and then seeing the VA rep so don’t want to get all sweaty and smelly. If we get a shower later it would be nice cause I can just jump in and clean off. Up till then I’m sure there are days folks don’t want to get real close because of the body odors.

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