Monday, November 09, 2009

All is well.

11/9/09 Monday
It’s a cool cloudy morning. I see that I haven’t made an entry since the colonoscopy so should report that all is well. I replaced a u-joint on my truck that was definitely bad but it still vibrates badly. Nuts. I’ll crawl back under it today to see if I did something wrong. If I can’t find anything I’ll just keep it under 60 mph like I’ve been doing for a couple of months now. It’s got a lot of miles on it, kinda like me, so needs to be babied.

I called my friend Wayne up this morning. He’s the guy I met at the homeless shelter that has MS. I helped him get his disability approved and found housing for him. We became good friends. I also heard from my other friend, Allen. He still fights severe depression so needed to talk to someone. We talked for almost an hour. Depression I understand see how it’s something I must fight regularly. Got an email that set me back a little this morning. It fed my doubts and worries about something that I won’t go into here. I’ll have to put it in God’s hands. My faith in people was damaged long ago through seeing the reality of how some act so it’s hard to trust. Honor and integrity are values everyone claims but not so many practice. This is a difficult place to be in mentally, dealing with these doubts and fears with little information to go on.
I’m frustrated. Been trying to download a program called Knopix that I could burn on a CD and use to open my laptop. Then I can back up all the data that’s on it so it wouldn’t get lost when I install a new operating system. Our internet access out here in the country is through satellite dish. We have the lowest cost service, which works fine but has a drawback. It’s a little slow but we are only allowed to transmit a limited amount of information within each 24 hour period, or some period of time they set. When we exceed that the speed slows down to a snails pace as a penalty. One of the problems we have with the wi fi broadcaster is that people pull off the road and tap into it, going online through our satellite and using up our time. So I’m trying to download 680 mb of data. It won’t do it in one sitting and keeps cutting off at 30 or so mb. Now everything’s slowed down and when I started to download again it showed that it would take four days to do so instead of the two hours it said when I first started trying to do this. I so much want to get my laptop up and running as the college is waiting on me for the business plan and the info is trapped on it. Now I have a hard time checking email in that it takes forever and I know posting this will take forever.


Amy said...

Bob, I may have asked this before, but is there a reason you don't password protect your wi fi access through your wireless router?

Bob said...

I couldn't figure out how. Tried a few times and gave up in disgust.