Tuesday, November 03, 2009

We voted today

11/3/09 Tuesday
It’s 11:00 now. I just got back from the old man’s where I worked on sanding down some old chairs he wants to refinish after checking on the doors. We went and voted this morning. I had a hard time with it because I didn’t quite read the instructions right. I pushed the “Ballot” button thinking that was how you chose the yes or no box so that meant I voted without picking a single thing. They showed me how to do it right so I made sure to vote on the eminent domain issue that was important to me.

The VA finally got around to scheduling my colonoscopy. It will happen Friday, which means I stop eating Wednesday and can only have clear fluids. Figures, Wednesday is the day I give my testimony in Odessa at the all you can eat buffet of the Rising Sun restaurant. I’m not keen on buffets in general because I really don’t like the idea of food that’s been sitting out all day long with lines of people pawing and breathing on it. I will still eat at one but don’t favor them.

I seem to be awfully tired and a little slow right now. Cherie made some killer meatloaf yesterday that would make a great sandwich but one of those hamburgers they cook at the Stanton drugstore sounds awfully good too. I’m going to eat good today to stock up for the three day fast I must start on tomorrow. As much as I’d like the hamburger I think I’ll fix meatloaf because I’m really tired and foggy. Perhaps I must take a short nap. Strange how this comes up so fast.

I tried to order the part I need to run the hard drive once it’s removed from my laptop but they demanded the phone number from the back of our credit card in order to place it. There is no number on the back of our credit card and it won’t proceed without one. So that ended that.

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