Monday, November 23, 2009

Plenty to do

11/21/09 Monday
I’m slowly getting my laptop up to speed. Everything they recovered from the hard drive is jumbled up. There were hundreds of temporary files just for the journal that I had to go through, one for each entry it looks like. Then I’ve had to download the software again, such as my windows office programs. That process will continue as I find things I need. The computer wouldn’t recognize or work with documents until I verified and registered works, or publisher, or whatever program originally made the document. So we had to find the original software packages and get the numbers off of them. But I have my laptop back. Now I need to try once again to activate the security on our Linksys wireless router in order to prevent others from tapping into the system and running up our time.

I’ll work for the old man this morning and then there is lots to do here. Now that I have my laptop back I must find the documents related to the business plan and gather them into a folder. That’s part of the problem with the backed up info, none of the original organization exists anymore. But at least the information has been recovered. So there’s plenty of work to do. I've got about ten thousand pictures to organize too.

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