Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I've been negligent.

11/24/09 Tuesday
There is much on my mind. So many things to consider and make decisions on. This morning I’ll help the old man do some things and this afternoon I plan on visiting that sweet little old lady God brought us to. I had neglected to keep up with her, got busy and never made the time to drop by and see how she was doing. She had lost our phone number and in desperation went online to look up the blog and left a message for me. She had had car troubles and taken it to a mechanic, who took her to the cleaners in no uncertain terms. Not once but several times for thousands of dollars yet he never fixed the problem. Then he directed her to another mechanic who also took advantage of her but didn’t fix the problem. It was a popping sound and the smell of burning wires, among other symptoms. Finally it happened on the loop and she pulled over and had to bail out of the car because of the smoke. Now she was forced to buy another vehicle and the dealership only gave her five hundred dollars for her car as a trade in. Odds are she paid too much for the Mazda they sold her and she can’t afford to make the payments. I feel bad, and guilty, that I wasn’t there for her to help and prevent others from taking advantage of her. There are issues with an investment account she was sold that I will try to address for her. The guy who sold it to her got fired a month later and definitely misled her. Now she has lost thousands of dollars in that and they (Wachovia) are telling her she needs to pay them $7500 for money they moved into an account that wasn’t supposed to be moved. She had called about it and the person reassured her it was ok to use the money to pay bills. It wasn’t so now she must pay it back plus a penalty. I’m sick about it but uncertain if there is anything I can do. It’s not an area I’m familiar with, money and investments. So pray for wisdom that I can advise or help in this. Today I plan on looking at the paperwork and taking notes to insure I understand things. Then I hope to get advice from those who know more than I do. That’s a whole lot of people you know, those who know more than I do.

That’s it for this morning. Gotta go.

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