Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm deciding to have a good day

No pictures because internet connection is too slow
11/10/09 Tuesday
It’s going to be a beautiful day, weather wise. And it’s going to be a good day because I say so. That has a lot to do with it you know. We all choose what kind of day we have by our attitudes and decisions we make. Of course things can always come up that weren’t planned or predicted but even then the attitude dictates a lot. I don’t always have that good attitude and when things like depression rear their ugly head it can trash an otherwise good day. But I’m deciding to have a good day.

I’ll try to download that knopix program again, providing the internet connection and speed are good. No sense in trying if they are not. Today’s a poop scoop day so I’ll be going into Midland. I’ll look at external hard drive enclosures again. Best Buy has one but it costs fifty bucks. Called around to some other computer places and they don’t have any in stock at the moment.

Got another call from a law firm in Ohio. They had sent a nasty collections letter a month or so back and when I called told me it was for workers compensation payments I owed for one of my companies. When I inquired about details they didn’t have any so contacted the state to get them. Come to find out it’s for the year 1993. “Are you kidding!” I told the lady. That’s eleven years ago. “Isn’t there a statute of limitations on that?” I asked her. She didn’t know the answer, and she’s a lawyer? Then I explained that I had been sent to prison in 1992 and didn’t get out till 1995 (There’s a heck of a story on that too) so the companies had all been closed down. Plus it was an “Estimated” amount of money due, they estimated what I would have owed based I guess on previous years in business. And Cherie and I had filed bankruptcy in 2004 so I presume that covers workers compensation payments but really don’t know. So I’ll send a notarized statement to the law firm, who will forward it to the Ohio Attorney General, stating that I was in prison. The problem is that my ex took over the companies when I went to prison so they operated for a short time before she pretty much trashed them and squandered any cash and value that was there. I have no records or ability to say what happened when.

There’s always something happening, isn’t there? Oh well, I won’t worry about it. Won’t do any good. So the state of Ohio wants me to pay an amount plus interest and penalties on an amount of money they “estimated” I owe. Fun fun. Kind of like a colonoscopy from the government, looking through the bowels of my past life for whatever they can find.

Today I’ll mail a birthday card to my youngest son. I sure miss them both and wonder what his life is like. I talk to the oldest on occasion so keep up with him, but Adam is harder. He’s learning disabled and has a hard time writing. Unfortunately writing is a main way I communicate. I don’t talk on the phone much, partly because I have a hard time remembering the conversation, though I’m much better now.

I’ll crawl back under the truck today and look at the U-joints. Something isn’t right as the drive shaft is still vibrating badly. It’s an aluminum drive shaft and they are notorious for getting out of balance so I hope that’s not what happened. The U-joint had been bad for a while and I nursed the truck along for several months so I may have damaged it. But I’m thinking I might not have put the U-joint in right so it may be off center. The other U-joint seemed to be fine so I didn’t replace it.

There’s work to do so time to go.

Trying to open up my blog tells me that the internet connection is still moving at a snails pace, slower than dial up. Yesterday I totally disconnected our wireless router and hooked Cherie’s computer up directly to the satellite. That way there is no wireless for others to tap into and use up our time. With Cherie’s computer being the only one working right now it’s not a real inconvenience. Eventually I’ll need to figure out how to put the password security on the wireless router. Tried several times but got lost and confused so gave up.
It’s 1:00 now. I went to the old man’s this morning and worked on refinishing his chairs. They are in bad shape and need a lot of help. He came out and we talked a bit about this and that stuff. I like talking to him but wish I could be more comfortable doing so. I worry too much about saying something wrong I think. It’s hard for me to talk to many people because of that. I come from a different world so there is little to relate. Back on the East side of Toledo I do just fine. Unfortunately much of that world isn’t good for me and is a world I chose to leave behind. But it was home and where I was comfortable and fit in.

My pain level is pretty high right now. So I took a pain pill to go along with the peanut butter and jelly sandwich I had. Thought about getting a hamburger at the drug store but hurt so bad I’m not walking well and have a headache on top if that so decided to come home. I’ll have to lay down a while.

I’ll be running into Midland today and have plenty to do. It’s a poop scoop day so that’s part of it. Then I plan on shopping for computer stuff I can use to fix my laptop. I need to ask someone if they can download that knopix program for me and burn it on a CD. I’ll call Eric cause he’s good at that stuff. If Cherie’s wi fi worked I could take her laptop in and download it at Janie’s while I poop scoop. Actually I might take her laptop with me and see if it works on Janie’s wireless. That would verify whether or not it’s Cherie’s laptop or our wireless router that doesn’t work.

The internet is still crawling. It’s been five minutes now and I still haven’t been able to read my first of three emails I have. Just looked again and it’s a blank screen that says “Transferring data” at the bottom. Now it says “Oops, can’t load your email, please try again”. I’ll check Cherie’s computer for viruses again to make sure that’s not the problem.

Finally I can read my first email. Then I’ll try to get to my blog and post this. After that I must lay down and let the pain pill take affect. In about an hour, I’m guessing, I’ll be able to get moving again.

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