Monday, November 02, 2009

Start of November

Already? It's almost the end of the year and winter is on the way. This winter I plan on spending lots of time preparing the soil and plots for next spring. Today I'll work on the old man's doors some more. I'm not real happy with what I've done so far. It's frustrating to know I used to do this kind of work and used to be very good at it but now struggle with it. But it's like so many things from my past, I have to relearn what I once knew. So I've made some mistakes that I wouldn't have in the past and now must spend time trying to fix them. I told the old man that I wouldn't let him pay me for fixing what I mess up.

I went to Best Buy to get the device that will let me plug the hard drive from my laptop in to another computer but they want fifty bucks for what I can get for $25 online so that will have to wait. We looked at Mac computers and were shocked at how much they cost compared to a PC. Sure they might be better but we live on a budget so probably won't get one.

I'll be speaking at the Red Sun Restaurant, 3001 John Ben Shepperd Parkway, on Wednesday. If you want to attend they have a special price for their lunch for it. Starts at noon but some people get there early to visit.

Got to get to work
I am disquieted. There's nothing I can put my fingers on but my spirit is uneasy. I jumped in the truck and ran to the old man's to check on the doors I finished with this morning in case it was something there. They are ok except I saw a few drops of finish that had run and wiped them up. Took the dogs with me to the landfill this afternoon and checked mail. We got a letter from my mom in reply to the thank you card I had sent her with a letter explaining how grateful I was for the clothes and my dad's watch. It was good to see the reply. The paranoia makes me worry about things so getting the letter relieved some of that. But I can't shake the feeling that I'm missing something, that there is something I should be doing or forgot about. And on top of that my ears are ringing and I have another headache coming up. So I'm going to push on, think I'll work on cleaning up the garage for now. Hope there's not a slow down coming. Don't get as many of them as I used to but it still happens and ringing ears are often a precursor.
I guess I'm inside for a bit. The headache is another bad one and sunlight is just painful. I tried to research stuff regarding m laptop but it's hard for me to comprehend what I read with this headache pounding. Plus I may be a little slow but can't really tell. I'm typing ok and that's usually an indicator. It's one of those "Sucks to be me" moments. The weather is beautiful and I so much want to work. Even indoors the sounds of traffic are deafening, another result of these types of headaches. Kind of like a hangover except I don't drink. I guess I'll have to close the drapes and lay down till it subsides. Don't even want to watch TV because of the sound. When I'm like this you can't turn it down low enough.

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