Monday, November 30, 2009

Need wisdom with money

11/30/09 Monday
There is lots to do before I leave for Toledo. The flight leaves Midland Wednesday morning. We are still waiting for the funds to transfer from the USAA account to our bank. Unfortunately we can’t reserve a rental car or even the hotel room until it shows up because the companies instantly put a hold on your account when you make a reservation. We expect the funds to arrive today so making the reservations is on my to do list as soon as it shows up.

I’ve been mulling over what to do with the money and debating what is wise and what’s not every day. One of those debates has been whether or not to spend the extra money to get a Mac computer or PC for half the price. Last night this laptop showed the “Blue Screen of Death” when I opened it up. The same screen that’s appeared when it’s crashed irretrievably before. Fortunately I was able to recover it, partially because of what I’ve learned from the past crashes. This helped me make up my mind. Our computers are valuable tools that will become even more essential as the farm begins to take shape and become an operating business so it will be a wise long term investment in our future, just as my going to Toledo to buy equipment is. So we’ll get a Mac book pro laptop and maybe a Mac desktop computer too. Now the question is “Do I get one used or new?” because there are used ones at half the price online. I think probably new.

Today I want to finish up sowing the rye. I quit when the tractor ran out of gas yesterday. What’s left is the small plots I have to sow by hand but I can use the tire drag to cover them with for part of it. We didn’t get the rain or snow that was predicted but there is a possibility of some tomorrow. Getting this rye in is important for next spring as I will till it under to enhance the soil. Actually I didn’t finish yesterday because I had one of those real bad headaches that shut me down. So when the tractor ran out of gas I did to. There’s plenty to do so no time left to spend writing. Gotta go.

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