Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Luncheon today

11/4/09 Wednesday
It’s the start of the fast for this colonoscopy thing. I’m supposed to drink two bottles of some stuff they sent me but I decided to hold off on that because I remembered what the nurse said. She said to make sure I was near a bathroom when I did. That didn’t really register at first but I got to thinking about it last night and realized what it meant. This stuff is to “clean” out my colon. Considering that I must drive about forty minutes to get to Odessa, where I’m speaking at a luncheon that will last an hour or two, and then drive back, I figure it would be wise to hold off drinking this stuff. So for breakfast I had coffee with no creamer, only a little honey. Cherie and I also started a routine based on a book a friend gave us to read. It’s sounds strange but we are going to drink a little apple cider vinegar every morning. It’s supposed to help the body’s ph be less acidic and more neutral or alkaline. This helps bring things into a proper balance and fights cancers and other problems. Can’t hurt. We mix the vinegar with water and a little raw honey. It tastes nasty but not too much so. Healthy is always fun. I’m waiting for the healthy ice cream diet.

Come out to the luncheon and meet me. It’s at the Red Sun restaurant on Ben Sheppard in Odessa and starts at noon. I plan to get there early and relax. Not really a get there just in time kind of guy. This morning I’m working on the stone floor where our wood stove will be. That and praying and studying.


Anonymous said...

Bob - my wife has had 2 colonoscopys and she was told not to drink the bottles of stuff untill the night before the test.. She was to follow up the next morning with an enema before she went to the hospital for the test. You may be having a different type of test than she had. Just thought I would mention this to you. I read your blog every day and have a great admiraiton for your determination to make your farm a success & overcome your health problems. Best of luck & my prayers are with you & Cherie.

Bob said...

Thanks, I called the VA about it and got an answer back regarding it. I'll be drinking this stuff for two days. So far there has been no mention of enemas but I've heard that from others. Oh well, whatever it takes to be sure of health.