Friday, November 06, 2009

The festival begins?

Got some great sunset pictures yesterday. As always it's hard to decide which one to post. This isn't the prettiest or clearest one but I like the road going off to someplace unknown. Oh I know where the road goes but for someone who doesn't it adds to the flavor.

11/6/09 Friday
Let the festival begin? I had coffee and apple juice for breakfast. My stomach has been vociferous to say the least. Cherie could hear it growling across the room. Not feeling the sensation of hunger comes in handy at times like this. Cherie will take off work early because she will have to drive me home due to the anesthesia they will use. It won’t knock me out but will make me drowsy and relaxed. I wonder if I will be able to watch as the procedure is performed? That would be cool as I am eternally curious and would like to see me from the inside. Perhaps I’ll get a clue about who I really am on the inside? Nah, that’s just me trying to be funny. I already have a good idea who I am both inside and out and unlike some am rather transparent with no pretense.

The wireless on Cherie’s computer has stopped working. It had been getting weak in that it showed that the signal from our wi-fi was low, even when I put it next to the unit. So either her wireless device in the laptop has gone bad or our wi-fi router has. With only one computer working there’s nothing to compare it to. I don’t think it’s hard to replace from what I remember when I took mine apart to replace the motherboard.

I’m anxious to get done with this medical stuff because there is so much to do. I’ve got a bath run so will hop in and clean up. Then I think I’ll work on getting the wood stove hooked up. Not much to that, just have to cut a pipe to fit. Then there’s some caulking to do but I need to find some black caulk so it looks good. Or perhaps some that I can paint. See ya.
I had to redo part of the stone floor. One of the stones didn’t sit flat so rocked when you walked on it. That broke all the mortar loose and I knew it would only get worse, especially because the stone was the one right in front of the wood stove so would be stepped on the most. So I pulled it out along with the adjacent stone and put mortar underneath to make it sit flat. It sits higher than the other stones now but is secure so I’ll live with that. Next time I know to put down stuff like my brother uses for tile work so everything lays better and secure.

It’s been difficult. I get dizzy easy when I stand up so definitely know I need protein. But that’s the way it is. Cherie informed me that I might not feel like eating after this procedure is done due to the anesthetic. I’ll need to eat something I’m sure. We leave in about an hour so I think I’ll lay down.

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