Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another beautiful day

11/18/09 Wednesday
It’s another beautiful day, weather wise. Sure it froze again last night but it’s already T shirt temperature and it’s almost 10:00. But I’m comfortable in a T shirt when it’s fifty degrees out. There is always so much to do. I got a lot done yesterday regarding what was on my to do list. I need to make another list this morning to help me keep focused and get the important stuff done. Cherie and I start our days out with prayer now and often end them that way too. This is all a sign of how my faith is being restored step by step and little by little. I am becoming more aware every day as my eyes are opened to what surrounds us, aware of spiritual things and of the directions the world is heading. And it renews an urgency to get this farm going, to put together the business plan so we can establish the self sufficient, self sustaining center of agriculture that I’ve had a vision for since before we even inherited the farm. At the prayer luncheon I spoke at a man told me that he had the strong impression that this would become a place of refuge in the future. It verifies what I’ve known in my heart. Things are happening and change will come rapidly folks. Our securities will disappear and we will learn to lean on God.

Don’t know where that came from. Well, actually I do. Anyway, there’s much to do so I must order my day to get as much done as possible. Cherie’s computer is a mess. I went to restore it and there are no longer any restore points, they have all disappeared. Whatever is causing the trouble is connected to the Mozilla Firefox browser because when I use Explorer I don’t get the interrupting program trying to contact the internet. Spysweeper can’t find a problem but one of the sites I looked at said that program misses lots of stuff and only detected 10% of spyware and viruses. Of course they were trying to sell their spyware so I read that with a grain of salt. I took mine to a computer place next to the old Mervyn’s store to see if they can recover the information on it. They said it might take a week to do because they are so busy. I’m so tired of this constant fight with viruses and the other stuff that messes up our computers. The guy at the computer store said lots of the problems come from “drivers” for different hardware and software programs, they often have a hard time working with Windows. He didn’t encourage me to get a Mac computer but he doesn’t work on them so that’s to be expected.
I got the two plows put together yesterday. Or maybe the day before, can’t remember accurately. I had to go buy bigger tools to do it. Previously I’ve been able to get by with a 3/8 drive socket set and a couple of wrenches but this farm stuff requires bigger ammunition. So we ran to Harbor Freight where I picked up some ¾ inch stuff and a bigger crescent wrench. Got a ½ inch socket set too. The two plow blades aren’t the same depth but it’s the best I can do and better than nothing. Don't know how close or far you're supposed to put them. Like most things I'm just guessing. I wonder if the tractor is even able to pull them both.

Looks like I’ll be going to Ohio in early December. There’s a car auction and then a big farm sale then that Nate told me about. We’ll see. Cherie can’t get off work and I know she’ll worry herself sick about me being gone that long and in Toledo as well. She knows, as I do, how much trouble Toledo can offer and that there are dangers there for me. I’ll have to be real careful when I go. If it works right I’ll fly up and drive back with a new truck, tractor, and trailer to haul it and whatever else I get with.

I seem to have fixed what was wrong with Cherie’s computer. It appears to have been the software for the external hard drive we use to back up with. That’s one less headache.
I was having a problem figuring out what to do. It’s frustrating when this happens. Went outside and just got kind of confused as I struggled to choose something to do. So I went inside and laid down, turned on the TV and there were only judge shows, judge Judy and Alex. I sometimes like to watch them but there were stupid people on with selfish problems that were a result of their life styles and decisions. I’ve seen plenty of that in my life and for that matter did plenty of stupid selfish life choices myself. So it was generally disgusting to watch and sad as well. But it makes me glad I’ve left those lives behind and helps me appreciate where I am now. Plus it helps me see the benefits of morality, of practicing the principles of honor and integrity, of choosing to do what’s right even though I know I can get away with doing other things that would provide some personal gain. It’s long term thinking versus short term.

So I turned the TV off and went back outside. Just hate to waste time when there’s so much to do. But it was still confusing and frustrating. Makes me feel stupid, like some kind of idiot that people laugh at. So I came in and called Cherie. That’s when I figured out I was having a slow down. I could hear it in my voice as I struggled to come up with words and to interpret what she said. And I have a headache too. These things often come together. So I’ll dig up fence posts and focus on simple tasks. Cherie is going to do the water exercise at the Midland pool so won’t be home till late. She was going to skip it and come home when she heard how bad I was doing but I told her not to. She really likes the water exercise program and it’s something she can do without causing a lot of pain. Plus it’s healthy for her and helps her lose weight. So I encouraged her to go. It would be nice if some of her friends could join her, then there would be a group and that’s always good because they would all encourage each other. I’ll pray for that to happen. When I pray things happen, I think. I’m pretty slow right now. Will probably read this later and wonder what I was thinking. It’s hard to think. Like being on drugs without the drugs.

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