Sunday, January 03, 2010

12/31/09 Thursday
We are coming to the end of another year. The year was a year of progress, in a way. I need to go back and read this journal to help me remember what the year was like. Then perhaps it would be good to write something about it. There are lots of key points, pivotal moments that changed things or deserve mentioning. I know we were on TV but can’t remember if that was this year or 2008. That’s why I have a journal. Meantime there’s things to do so no time to write. The new computer is on the way. I look forward to getting it. Preparing the office for it will take a lot of work as it needs to be reclaimed from the accumulation of clutter that always happens in an unused room. So that means we have to figure out places to put “things” that ended up there because we didn’t know where else to put them. What that means is that other low traffic areas will become the new homes of these “things”. “Things” are like a living creature in how they move, migrate if you will, through the house and property. There are seasonal “things” that only come out once a year and then there are “Things” you can’t get rid of because you may have a use for it later or know exactly what you plan on doing with it, when you get a “round to it”. I have “round to it’s” lurking everywhere here, all the things I haven’t gotten to.

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