Thursday, January 07, 2010

Fridgid weather arrived

1/7/10 Thursday
The cold front blew in last night with a vengeance. I’d split and brought in plenty of firewood but it’s not keeping up with the cold well. Much of the firewood isn’t as dry and seasoned as it should be so doesn’t burn well. We’ve done what we could to protect the outside dogs from the cold. They’ve had an electric blanket set up to lay on for days now and we’ll cover them with blankets when they settle down. I had planned on moving their doghouse to the front of the house yesterday but between working on the sweet little old lady’s hot water heater for four hours and then for the old man after that it didn’t happen. Maybe I’ll get to it today. It’s a well built doghouse I made when Gretchen was pregnant last winter and is insulated. Whether they will use it or not is a question but the only way to find out is to move it and see.

I hope the new computer comes today as scheduled. The Verizon internet still works nominally and I’ll continue exploring options. Our thirty days to get out of the contract end on the twenty fifth so we’ll need to decide by then.

There is a lot to do in preparation for our meeting at the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services on the fifteenth and it’s just the start. Starting a business is a lot of work regardless and what we plan on doing is a fairly complex business model as it is. This will be a good day to work on that.

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Amy said...

Lauren and I laughed and laughed about your giving the dogs an electric blanket. You are such a softie. We just put ours in the barn (the dogs, not the electric blanket). I was greatly worried about them, but I had to bug out for San Antonio to stay with my sister. It was 9 degrees inside the house, so too cold for us.