Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Always lots to do

We had a freezing fog the other day that coated everything in white.

1/5/10 Tuesday
Always lots to do and today is no exception. It’s a poop scoop day but I would be running to Midland today anyway. Tuesday’s are the day I now visit the sweet little old lady I help out and on top of that I must drop off a packet of information at Janie’s so she can scan it and get it to her husband. It’s info regarding the power lines that are proposed to cross our property that we must fight in order to protect our plans for the business.

At some point I need to get the truck I bought in Michigan inspected and then registered and titled in Texas. Once all that’s done I will be able to put it on the market for sale. I would like to slap a coat of paint on it and make it look pretty but that might not happen. There’s some serious cold weather on the way that should get here Thursday so it’s important to make sure there is plenty of firewood inside.

Speaking of that I want to make note of something that happened yesterday. I was putting stuff in the burn barrel when I noticed two cars driving slowly by and pulling in the drive. After getting Rascal and Trixie in the house (because they don’t behave around strangers) I went to talk to the young man who got out of the light blue pickup. He told me a story about how their heater had died and asked if I would sell a few pieces of the firewood that’s stacked five foot high where everyone driving past can see. I explained that most of the wood is still wet and not good for burning but would give him a few pieces of what’s dry. He wanted to “give you a few bucks” for it but it was only a armload of wood so I told him he could have it for free. When they left I watched them go a mile down the road and pull over. Curious I got the binoculars out to see what was going on. They pulled something out of the silver suv and threw it on the side of the road and then took off. I hopped in the truck to see what it was and it was an old tire they dumped. That pissed me off. I had asked if they were from around here and they said they were from Midland but one guy said he used to live here. Now I wonder if they were out looking for things to steal and if they would have grabbed firewood if I hadn’t been there. It was unsettling.

That’s it for now.
Went to Midland and dropped off the packet. I called Cherie to see if there was anything I could do while there and she could tell I wasn’t feeling too good from my voice. “Are you alright?” she asked. I told her that I had a bad headache coming on and from the sound of my voice could tell that a slow down was on the way. It’s always frustrating when this happens but I’m so grateful it doesn’t happen as much as it used to. So after checking the mail I came home. It’s beautiful out so I will force myself to keep moving, I hope.

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