Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A wonderfully warm day

Monday's sunset

1/27/10 Wednesday
It’s going to be wonderfully warm today with the high predicted to be 65 and this morning it is fifty degrees out. That means I can get out and going without fighting the cold. The Toledo area once again made the news as we watched a story about two woman in Oregon, Ohio being chased by the police. The passenger had taken control of the car as she and the driver, who kept trying to escape as the car was moving. The car wrecked and sadly the one on the drivers side was killed. By this time they had driven back to the East side of Toledo, where I’m from.

Anyway, it’s going to be a great day weather wise. My usual frustration at not getting things done that need to get done is present. As momentum builds regarding building this farm the urgency to complete tasks does as well, so I must get better at being organized.

Tuesday is my regular day to visit the sweet little old lady and I was able to accomplish that after I poop scooped Janie’s yard. We talked for a while about things going on in her life and I took her to Lowe’s to buy a piece of wood she needs to repair her garage door. I’ll be fixing that sometime this week. I brought her vacuum cleaner home as it’s plugged and not working. It’s the same kind Cherie has so I’m familiar with it, having similar problems with hers. The shop wanted $65 bucks just to clean it so I told her I’d take care of it. I need to go online and investigate if there are a number of elderly people who have been taken advantage of by Met Life like she had. Their representative was rude and aggressive, trying to bully her into dropping the matter. He refuses to talk with her with me or anyone else present, just wants to isolate her from any advisors. That tells me a lot in and of itself. If any of y’all have experience in these matters drop me a note. I’ll take all the advice I can get.

Finally got the mud flaps on the truck so I can take it in to get inspected and licensed now. Going online I learned that trucks of that type sell for anywhere from nine to twelve thousand dollars. If I can get seven for it I break even on everything I bought while up in Ohio and Michigan. That will provide cash needed to build a chicken house and many other things needed to create this farm. A big part of that would be hiring some help around here.

Geeze, it’s 9:00 already. Time to get moving, again. I already unloaded the rest of the wood from Cherie’s truck and did a few other things.
Got the truck inspected and plates. Cost over $400 for it all to get done. Right now I'm fighting another headache. It drives me nuts to run out of energy so fast after doing so little. They tell me this kind of fatigue is common with brain injuries but after nine years? Right now my ears are ringing, never a good sign.


Nate~ said...

Ohio is bad on plates too, my cabover costs $195 my dodge costs $120 that 5 ton dump is $350 and the special tags for the tow dollys are $200 a year

Amy said...

Bob, regarding Met Life. I had a similiar experience with my dad's account after he passed. I couldn't get any resolution so I contacted the CEO of the company, by phone, letter and email. I asked for help or I was going to the news to get help. The CEO contacted me and took care of the matter right away. I received my father's money. It might help if you bypass the representative and go straight to the top of the compnay. I had to do that for a friend too, she wasn't receiving her food stamps and was getting the run around, so I contacted Governor's office. Received resolution that same day. ;-)