Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I'm being a plumber today

1/6/10 Wednesday
I called the sweet little old lady yesterday before I went to visit and it’s a good thing I did. She was sick and heading to the doctors. Last night at about ten she called me up. The water line going to her hot water heater was leaking bad. She had her grandson over but he had no tools and didn’t know what to do. She asked me what she should do and I really couldn’t say because I wasn’t familiar with the house at all and had no idea where things like cut off valves were. So I got my clothes on, grabbed some tools, and headed out there. Once there I found that someone had done a poor job of southern engineering the hot water heater in, cutting an extension cord for the electric hookup. I was able to cut the electricity off and temporarily stop the leak but this morning I’m heading over there with my tools to hopefully finish the job. Our new computer is scheduled to be delivered today. I hope I don’t miss the Fed Ex guy and worry that he might not drop it off once he is greeted by the dogs. Can’t say I’d blame him, plus they may require my signature on the delivery.

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