Friday, January 08, 2010

Got a call from Calvin and Suzie yesterday. A family they know is broken down in Socorro New Mexico. They were returning to Toledo from Tuscon Arizona when the motor blew. There are six of them including a 9 year old girl. They had only enough money to pay for gas and food on the trip home and had to spend that to get the truck, a 2002 chevy 4X4, towed to a hotel. They don't have enough even to stay in the hotel tonight. We are sending them money we'd saved for other things and are trying to find ways to help them. Put the word out to church people we know in case someone feels like helping. In this tough economy many are scratching just to survive. I will do what I can to help and may make the nine or ten hour drive with my big truck and trailer to help. Perhaps find a used motor and put it in.

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